Cloud computing in clinical decision support

Dr Christopher Buckingham's research has produced a psychological model of how people classify objects into classes to make sense of the world. 

His 'Galatean' model is now being used to capture clinical decision-making expertise and has led to the development of GRiST, the Galatean Risk and Safety Tool for mental health professionals and service users

GRiST(Galatean Risk and Safety Tool)

GRiST is a computer program containing mental health risk and safety expertise that has been developed with clinicians and patients over a period of more than ten years. GRiST's cloud-computing service means data is securely available for online consultations at any time of the day or night from wherever the patient or doctor has internet access.

"Mental health problems can have tragic outcomes so having immediate access to expert support is vital"
Dr Christopher Buckingham

The consultations do not have to be synchronised in real time: the patient can provide assessments and get advice from the computerised risk expertise; the doctor can evaluate the assessment data and advice when he or she next uses the system. Any dangerous issues requiring immediate intervention with a clinician can be triggered by the computer using alerts to phones or emails as appropriate.