Aston University is committed to the highest standards of research Integrity. As a signatory to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, we commit to comply and integrate its core elements: honesty, rigour, transparency and open communication, accountability and care and respect in all aspects of research.

We are also subscribed to the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO).

Aston University Research Integrity policies

We have developed policies to underpin and support the commitments outlined in the Concordat; the Research Integrity Policy, a Code of Practice for Dealing with Allegations of Research Misconduct (Research Misconduct Policy) and Whistleblowing Policy. The codes and the Concordat apply to all fields of research and recognise the different responsibilities of researchers, the University as their employer, and other bodies involved in the research process in each of its commitments.

As part of our commitment, we publish an annual Research Integrity statement:

Page last updated: 04/04/2024