Professor Jackie Blissett (co-director)

Psychology of childhood eating behaviour 

Understanding developmental psychology of children's eating behaviour: obesity, fussiness, tailored interventions 


Professor Gavin Woodhall (co-director) 

Causes of childhood epilepsy 

Understanding how epilepsy becomes established: circuits, synapses and molecules. 



Dr Georgie Agar

Sleep in rare genetic syndromes 

Understanding sleep in rare genetic syndromes, autism and intellectual disability: methodology development, intervention, caregiver support.


Dr Enrico Amico

Network neuroscience

Using network science to explore brain signatures of cognition, behaviour and dysfunction.  


Dr Felix Chan

Understanding what feeds our brain energy in childhood brain disorders

What metabolic pathways and substrates drive our brain activity with a focus on understanding metabolism in epilepsy.



Dr Helen Eachus    

Early life stress & neurodevelopment  

Mechanisms underlying the effects of early life stress on brain development and behaviour.


Professor Claire Farrow 

Psychology of childhood eating behaviour   

Understanding children's eating: novel foods, digital interventions, mealtime communication.


Dr Stuart Greenhill     

Experience-dependent brain development     

Critical developmental periods in psychiatric and neurological conditions: epilepsy, schizophrenia, sleep.


Dr Dan Griffiths-King

Neurological disease in childhood

Understanding consequences of neurological diseases on the still-developing brain using cognitive neuroscience methods: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Magnetoencephalography and Neuropsychology.


Dr Amanda Hall

Child hearing loss

Understanding children’s hearing loss: causes, impact on development, child & parent experiences, health service interventions.


Dr Gemma Heath

Developing interventions for children and young people    

Co-production and evaluation of psychological interventions: children, families, long-term conditions, qualitative methods; evidence synthesis.


Dr Megan Jarman     

Dietary patterns in early childhood     

Complex systems modeling of children's food and nutrition environments: epidemiology, agent-based modelling, diet.


Dr Rebecca Knibb    

Psychology of asthma and allergy     

Understanding children's and families’ experiences of asthma and allergy: quality of life, stress, anxiety, coping strategies, psychological interventions.


Dr Michael Larkin    

Understanding children & family experiences     

Bringing the views of children, families and services together to inform interventions: psychosis, anxiety, coping strategies.


Professor Nicola Logan     

Paediatric myopia     

Understanding the development, progression and management of myopia in children: clinical trials & laboratory experimentation.


Professor Stephen Mayhew  

Cognitive neuroscience    

Multimodal neuroimaging of human brain network function and physiology.


Professor Afzal Mohammed    

Paediatric pharmacy     

Developing acceptable oral drug formulations for children: partical engineering, drug formulation, stability.


Dr Jan Novak    

Magnetic Resonance Imaging in brain pathology    

Application of MRI technology to the understanding of traumatic brain injury and brain cancers in children.


Professor Stefano Seri (Emeritus)

Clinical neurophysiology and developmental neuropsychiatry    

Understanding paediatric epilepsy using neuroimaging.


Dr Laura Shapiro     

Language and literacy development     

Causes and consequences of children's literacy development: reading, practice, policy.


Professor Rachel Shaw     

Health, illness and wellbeing experiences     

Wellbeing in children, families and the services that support them: decision-making, long-term conditions, professional practice.


Professor Joel Talcott    

Development of cognition and language     

Understanding the genetics and environmental influences on neurodevelopment: dyslexia, ADHD, transdiagnostic approaches.


Dr Joanne Tarver     

Mental health in autism and intellectual disability    

Development of assessment tools and parent support programs: autism, intellectual disability, neurodevelopment.


Dr Jane Waite     

Mental health in rare genetic syndromes     

Understanding the the development of mental health difficulties in people with intellectual disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders: autism, assessment tools, interventions.


Professor Evangeline Wassmer (Clinical Director)

Paediatric neurology    

Understanding autoimmune brain disease: encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy.


Dr Caroline Witton 

Magnetoencephalography in sensory processing     

Understanding sensory processing in healthy development, neurodevelopmental and clinical disorders: traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, psychophysics.


Professor Amanda Wood (Honorary)

Neuroimaging and neuropsychology in neurodevelopment     

Understanding the consequences and mechanisms of early life brain injury on long term child outcomes.


Dr Sukhvir Wright 

Neuroimmunological disease of childhood    

Understanding autoimmune brain disease: encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy.


Dr Johanna Zumer     

Neuroimaging in ADHD and autism    

Understanding visual attention and perception in typical and atypical neurodevelopment (especially ADHD).



Affiliate Members: 

Dr Matt Buckley 

Spatial cognition and navigation

Understanding spatial cognition and navigation in typical and atypical neurodevelopment.


Dr Sarah Carrington

Autism diagnostic pathways

Understanding diagnostic processes and criteria in autism: Diagnostic methods, DSM-V, DISCO.


Dr Doug Caruana

Environmental influence on development of brain function

Understanding plasticity in the adolescent brain: Caffeine, dopamine, memory.


Dr Antonio Fratini

Biomedical engineering in improving quality of life and clinical outcomes. 

Use of proprioceptive stimulation (Whole Body and Focal Vibration) in healthy and pathological subjects with regards to motor functions and balance control.


Dr Craig Hedge

Developing reliable and meaningful measures of cognition

Understanding differences between cognitive control and decision making in the lab and in real life: eye tracking, cognitive modelling, neuroimaging.


Professor Eamonn Maher

Epigenetic developmental disorders

Utilising genomic and epigenomic techniques to elucidate the molecular basis and improve the diagnosis of epigenetic disorders of development. 


Dr Gemma Mansell

Intervention design and analysis

Applying mediational analysis in design and evaluation of intervention mechanisms relevant to CYP/service development: statistics, design, analysis.


Dr Charlotte Pennington

Addictive behaviours and social cognition

Understanding socio-cognitive predictors of the development of addictive behaviours: alcohol, gaming, adolescence.


Dr James Reynolds 

Public health

Understanding public support for health related policy: eating behaviour, schools, canteens policy and behaviour.


Professor Gina Rippon (Emeritus)

EEG and MEG in cognitive and social neuroscience

Understanding sex/gender differences in normal development and in autism.


Dr Cristina Romani

Cognition in neurodevelopmental disorders

Assessing cognitive profiles and outcomes across developmental disorders (e.g., developmental dyslexia, inherited metabolic diseases).


Dr Andrew Schofield 

Visual perception: depth and texture

Understanding the development of depth and texture perception in typical and atypical neurodevelopment.


Dr Dan Shaw

Social neuroscience 

Understanding the brain systems that support social cognition and interpersonal behaviour.


Dr Boubker Zaaimi

Neurophysiology of motor control    

Understanding the development of motor control in typical and atypical neurodevelopment.

Boubker Zaimi