Based in the Aston Institute of Health and Neurodevelopment, the DLAU provides a range of screenings and assessments for children and adults, with a near 50 year history of community service in this area. 

Assessments for suspected specific learning difficulties and associated conditions are carried out by an Educational Psychologist.  Both the length of assessment and the specific measures used will be tailored for you and according to your needs.

Full assessment for specific learning difficulties

Specific learning disabilities (SLD) of academic achievement, such as in reading (Dyslexia) and mathematics (Dyscalculia) are among the most common neurodevelopmental conditions, affecting from 3%–10% of children.  

Our SLD assessment involves the administration of age-appropriate, standardised tests of general cognitive ability and achievement in core educational domains, in accordance with those approved by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC). Further diagnostic tests can also be administered according to your needs.  

Testing for the presence of SpLDs usually takes 3-4 hours and is conducted by a chartered educational psychologist, with a full written report provided 6 weeks following the assessment.  

The cost for this assessment and associated report is £485 (inclusive of VAT). 

To book an appointment, or for further enquiries please contact us We will be in contact to confirm your appointment, normally within 2 working days.