Active research projects being led by researchers in IHN:

Research ProjectFunder 
Ensuring timely and targeted intervention for anxiety and depression in minimally verbal individuals with autismAutistica
Using resected human tissue in organotypic cultures for epilepsy researchBirmingham Women's and Children's Charity
A school closer to home: using mealtimes to foster language development, improve girls' nutrition and align home and school in rural Kenya and ZambiaEconomic and Social Research Council 
Appetite in Preschoolers: Producing Evidence to Tailor Interventions Effectively: the APPETItE studyEconomic and Social Research Council 
Understanding young people's experiences of racially motivated appearance focused (RMAF) bullyingEmerging Minds: Action for Child Mental Health
Can we snuff out the seizures in FIRES?Epilepsy Research UK
Embracing complexity in the characterisation and tracking of neurodevelopmentPartially funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Consumer survey of allergic reactions and near misses to food in those with food allergy, food intolerance and coeliac disease Food Standards Agency
Antipsychotic efficacy of GWP42003 in the scPCP rat model with behavioural and EEG measures non-GLP    GW Research Limited
Further mechanistic study of CBD in the RISE modelGW Research Limited
Development of a decision-making tool for buccal transport of drugs. In partnership with Catalent Pharma SolutionsInnovate UK
Development of modified release formulations. In partnership with Quest PharmaceuticalsInnovate UK
Process and composition optimisation of multifunctional excipients in orally disintegrating tablets. In partnership with Catalent Pharma SolutionsInnovate UK

The development of a novel wireless EEG recording and optogenetics solution that will open new opportunities for pre-clinical research organisations and drug development

Innovate UK
Ten-year longitudinal follow-up of people with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.Jerome Lejeune Foundation
A new methodology linking interactional and experiential approaches, and involving young people as co-analysts of mental health encountersMedical Research Council (MRC)
Making vegetables the best target for public health interventions   Medical Research Council (MRC)
MICA: The role of excitatory synaptic scaling in epileptogenesis in rodent and human brain networks    Medical Research Council (MRC)
Lysine metabolism in tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC): 
Characterising lysine metabolism as potential biomarker and pathogenic pathway of epilepsy in TSC. TSC is a rare genetic neurodevelopmental disease that causes many symptoms including epilepsy in childhood
National Institutes of Health (NIH) and TSC Alliance
Development of a toolkit to help parents/carers manage feeding problems in autistic children (Doctoral Research Fellowship)    National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
HELP: Hearing Loss and Patient Reported Experience - Using patient experience to improve audiology servicesNational Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
Global Access to Psychological Services for Food Allergy (GAPS)National Peanut Board, Aimmune,
Integrated health care for children and young people: Evaluating local models of careNHS Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care Board
Implementing SWell: testing Staff Wellbeing interventions in paediatric critical care in the UKNHS England
Reading and Vocabulary (RAV)Nuffield Foundation
Behaviours that challenge in SATB2-associated syndromeTMF Global Services UK Ltd
Parenting behaviour and its relationship with anxiety in individuals with autism and intellectual disabilityTMF Global Services UK Ltd
Personal and environmental characteristics associated with anxiety in minimally verbal individuals with autism.TMF Global Services UK Ltd
Personal characteristics, mental health and well-being in Bardet-Biedl syndromeTMF Global Services UK Ltd
The Safety, Acceptability, Feasibility and Efficacy of Bed Enclosure Designs in children with intellectual disability (The SAFE BED study)TMF Global Services UK Ltd
Network dynamics of focal cortical dysplasiaThe Academy of Medical Sciences
Learning to read the whole word as well as the partsThe British Academy
The impact of the Villa Vision ProgrammeWesleyan Foundation
Understanding people’s experiences of assisted breathing interventions and critical care for COVID-19, in order to understand their psychological needs for long-term recoveryWesleyan Foundation


Completed research projects: 

Research Project Funder
Setting girls on a trajectory of better health: Using complex systems modelling to reduce risks of poor diet quality in early childhood.AXA Research Fund 
STOP Diabesity: Strategic data linkage and needs assessment for preventive studies in “diabesity.”    National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)