The facilities and infrastructure within ALIVE, include:


A 4-screen Virtual Reality ‘CAVE’ that can operate in either active or passive mode. Active mode uses active shutter glasses. Passive mode uses passive filters to separate the image for each eye. The passive system allows us to do EEG recording without the complex artefacts that would be generated by the active glasses. The CAVE equipment was designed and supplied by Virtalis.

Head mounted displays (HMDs) 

Four Oculus Rift head mounted displays - two older ones (DK2) and two new ones (Commercial Version).

Omni-directional treadmill 

A Virtualiser ‘treadmill’ to allow virtual locomotion (e.g. walking and crouching) while wearing an HMD or placed in the ‘CAVE’.

Mocap laboratory 

A Vicon motion capture system with 12 cameras and a force plate.

Driving simulator 

A 3-screen driving simulator, which has been validated against real-world driving.