Our work at EBRI is focused on overcoming the technical limitations of existing gasification technology, creating clean and flexible fuel sources such as hydrogen and syngas


Amid rising energy prices and shrinking resources, gasification is a powerful means of cutting waste and dramatically shrinking our carbon footprint.

Gasification is a means of converting biomass into gasses which can fuel to create energy. The conversion process can be highly efficient but requires research to be refined into a large scale usable technology which is able to reach its potential.

Why it Matters

Gasification is potentially more efficient than combustion technologies and has been used extensively to produce gas from fossil fuels. The work of EBRI is focused on how the technology can be used with biomass and waste to convert materials that would otherwise produce greenhouse gasses into low carbon fuels and other useful products.

Applying gasification to biomass would enable us to exploit some of the world’s largest sources of waste, such as low-value biomass and feedstock, and use them for everything from powering generators to heating homes. The fuel sources used in the gasification process come with their own difficulties, however, requiring other innovative approaches.


To exploit these resources and overcome the technical challenges of gasification, EBRI is calling upon researchers’ interdisciplinary expertise. This includes research knowledge gained from investigating other technologies, such as catalysis, fuel cells, pyrolysis and techno-economics resulting in a complementary effect where one area of research complements another.

With a combination of laboratory-scale units and computational modelling, EBRI is carrying out more fundamental studies into downdraft and fluidised bed gasification that will unlock new insights into gasification in the future.

Clean Energy for All

With growing resource scarcity and pressure on energy supplies, new means of producing energy from waste such as gasification are central role to achieving sustainable living standards for all. Our aim is to make gasification into an effective method of producing purely gaseous fuel with by-products that are themselves valuable and non-polluting, such as biochar.


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