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EBRI provides practical support to businesses like 4T2 Sensors Ltd, helping them to identify new market opportunities in the world of sensing technologies.

Sensors are everywhere, from assembly lines to consumer electronics, but the technology that powers them represents a growing portion of Britain’s economy and has significant implications for the environment. A remarkable 1 in 3 UK patents now relate to sensor systems, and 73,000 jobs have been created in the UK sensor community over the last decade. [1]

Birmingham-based 4T2 Sensors Ltd developed the new ‘Diemetric Sensor’ to meet the needs of this expanding market. This sensor measures liquids’ electrical properties while using algorithms to detect contaminants in real-time. Compared to its complex and maintenance-heavy predecessors, it offers a reliable and simplified design that saves time and money. 

Identifying New Opportunities

Backed by the EU European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), EBRI equipped 4T2 with the latest research and detailed guidance on their sensor’s untapped potential.

UK biofuel consumption is growing quickly, amounting to the equivalent of 1 million tonnes of oil per year [2], but the potential of such sensors in manufacturing biofuels remains under-explored. Aston’s European Biofuels Research Institute teamed up with 4T2 Sensors Ltd to change that. 

With input from EBRI and following successful technical and market validation, our report helped identify several new markets for the sensor technology in biofuels production, including biodieselbioethanol, and biogas. We also provided data regarding potential grants and collaboration opportunities as well as insights into current and projected market volumes.


Following the report's completion, and armed with the knowledge it gave them, 4T2 has filed patents for products now in production and has another two remaining patents to file. The new parts' manufacturing will be subcontracted to other British manufacturers, and 4T2 will assemble the final products. 

Their investment growth phase is now completed, and they have signed agreements with several investors. Currently undertaking a recruitment drive, 4T2 Sensors Ltd intends to expand its workforce as it enters a new phase of growth.

[1] UK Sensor Community Mapping report published by Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), 

[2] Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, ‘Digest of UK Energy Statistics’ (DUKES), 2017 

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