COP26 podcasts

We’ve created a dedicated ‘COP26 Aston Originals’ series, which will see our experts look at various sustainability-focused initiatives and research, giving our original, expert take on the area.

As well as this, we currently have two podcasts series: Aston Means Business and Society Matters. They showcase the University’s academics, and the knowledge they have on various subjects, and combines them with real-life case studies, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Below are some of the examples of episodes where sustainability has been at the forefront of thinking in business and society.

We'll be releasing new content through October and November, so make sure to check back throughout the period.

COP26 Aston Originals

COP26: Aston University experts look at pensions and investments ahead of 'Finance Day' 

Professor Andy Lymer and Dr Ozlem Arikan from Aston Business School discuss ‘pensions’ and ‘investment language’ ahead of ‘Finance Day’ on Wednesday 3 November, as well as giving their predictions and hopes for the day. 


COP26: What might energy systems look like in a net zero world?

Aston University's Professor Patricia Thornley, Dr Joanna Sparks, Dr Katie Chong and Dan Taylor discuss energy and sustainability ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference


COP26: Aston University experts look at what 'A to B' would look like in a net zero world

Dr Alberto Almena-Ruiz, Dr Graeme Hayes, Dr Lucy Rackliff the College of Business and Social Science and College of Engineering and Physical Sciences discuss protest movements, aviation and autonomous vehicles ahead of ‘Transport Day’ on Wednesday 10 November, as well as giving their predictions and hopes for the day.

Aston University podcast series

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Low Carbon SMEs

Prasanta Dey, professor of operations and information management at Aston Business School, explains how his Low Carbon SMEs project is set to save 6,000 tonnes of  CO2– more than five times its initial target. Lee Cole, managing director of Paint 360, just one of the 165 companies involved, and Jamal Lea, project manager of Low Carbon SMEs, discuss details of the achievements to date.

Release date: September 2021

Little Soap Company

Emma Heathcote-James, founder of Little Soap Company which produces organic and ethical soap products explains how she is dealing with an upsurge in demand. We also talk to Mark Hart, professor of entrepreneurship and small business about some of the operational challenges that small businesses are facing during the lockdown.

Release date: May 2020

How the future of manufacturing relies on servitization

This week Steve sits down with Ali Bigdeli a Senior Lecturer in Industrial Service Innovation in The Advanced Services Group at Aston Business School. His interests lie in the operational and organisational change brought about when businesses intend to introduce technological innovations to the market. His research at the Centre focuses on how servitization helps a business to bring its products to market, expand the scale of its operations and increase financial sustainability and the business model innovation that is required to enable this.

Release date: February 2020

EURO2020: The Business and Science of Football – The sustainability of huge sporting events

Euros 2020

In this episode, Steve chats to Professor Ed Sweeney, Dr Graeme Hayes and Dr Sotos Generalis about how green and sustainable huge sporting events are.

Professor Sweeney has reason to believe EURO 2020 will be the greenest sports event ever – but not necessarily for the reasons people may think. He gives a breakdown of the sustainability aspects of logistics, supply chains, and freight transport and people. He highlights how the last 15 months has taught his sector more than they would usually learn in 15 years down to the pandemic. He reckons Euro 2020 offers even more learning potential, with the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham next year.

Release date: June 2020