We are a team of multidisciplinary researchers with a united focus on healthy work. Our aim is to provide cutting edge research that offers insights and empirically based recommendations for how we can improve work and respond to emerging challenges to benefit health.

The remit of this focus is broad and includes, for example, projects focused on remote working, the 4-day working week, coaching and continuing professional development, effective communication, inter-group conflict and co-operation, crisis responses, and physical and psychological wellbeing. One of our key strengths is the range of methodologies we employ to broach these topics. We leverage, for example, experiments, surveys, secondary data, as well as cutting edge data science, AI, and machine learning approaches to help provide a comprehensive picture of the factors and dynamics integral to healthy work.

Our work covers both theoretical (basic) and applied (practical) areas, with many of our faculty working across these areas, translating conceptual advances into real world impact. We work with a host of external partners including the NHS, the WHO, and the UK police force. We also work closely with our internal partners to promote student welfare and respond to their needs.


Aston University brings you a podcast hosted by the Healthy Work Research Unit.
Each month, top academics and practitioners are interviewed about their work related to wellbeing in the workplace.
This podcast is hosted by Dr Simon McCabe (Head of the Healthy Work Research Unit).
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On this week's episode, Dr Karen Maher covers her non-traditional route into academia, the appeal of research with a practical focus, and her recent work tackling the unknown risks associated with working in ultra-low humidity environments.

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​​Dr Simon McCabe, a senior lecturer in behavioural science at Aston Business School, discusses how the Healthy Work Research Unit is developing insights and recommendations to industry and the public sector on how to create healthier workplaces.

Meet the team:

Dr Simon McCabe (Head of Research Unit)
Pawan Budhwar
Matthew Carter
Dr Andrew Clements
Jonathan Crawshaw
Dr Karen Maher
Uwe Napiersky
Claudia Sacrament
Kanimozhi Narayanan 
Johanne Søfeldt 
Paul Jones​​​​​​
Shen-Yang Lin 


Affiliate members:

Prof Gail Kinman 
Dr Rachel Shaw