The Aston Crisis Management Centre aims to have significant impact on the work of governments and the people they serve. Its current portfolio of interdisciplinary research is mostly applied and involves close collaboration between the Centre and the analysts/policy advisors around the world. We aim to strengthen theory and practice from these projects.

To fulfil this aim, the Centre’s objectives will be:

  • To seek national research leadership and international recognition through building on areas of existing strength in Crisis and Disaster Management, fostering the development of new opportunities, broadening our base of research and increasing our intensity of engagement.
  • To increase the recruitment of high-quality graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • To continue growth in our research income and publication quality and intensity, and the broadening of our external partnerships and engagement.
  • Over the next three years, these goals will be reflected by increased recognition of our research, teaching and engagement, leading to significant impact in the region, the country and the world.  
  • To do the above in an ethical, sustainable and beneficial manner for the Centre, the University and its beneficiaries


To be the world’s leading centre of excellence for crisis and disaster management insight, education, policy and practical (professional) implementation. 


To have a tangible impact on practice and policy by supporting humanitarian, business and governmental organisations prepare, respond and recover from crises and disaster related incidents.

Research Interests

Dr David Cantliff

Teaching Fellow

Dr David Carrignton

Senior Lecturer

Dr Lauren Traczykowski

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Oscar Rodriguez-Espindola

Senior Lecturer

Dr Pavel Albores

Professor of Operations and Supply Chain 

Engaging with Society

Miguel Garcia

La importancia de la prevención en situaciones de sismos o Terremotos, Edoméx

Pável Albores

Society Matters Podcast


Inaugural Lectures

Professor Pavel Albores

Inaugural Lecture



Society matters podcast

Society matters is a podcast from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) at Aston University. Presented by journalist Steve Dyson, the podcast series explores some of the fascinating work of academics within the School on current issues facing society.

Dr Lauren Traczykowski, a senior lecturer in ethics at Aston University, discusses what obligations the international community has to intervene and assist when a state is unable or unwilling to help its own population in the aftermath of a natural hazard.

Release date: Wednesday 28th July 2021

Read the full press release.

Our team 

Our People
Advisory Board
  • Mr Jonathan Hemus, CEO Insignia Crisis Management Consultancy (Chairman of the Board)
  • Ms Kate Cooper, Executive Director, Birmingham Food Council
  • Mr Peter Holland CBE. Chief Inspector, Crown Premises Fire Inspection Group, Home Office.
  • Professor Gerald Reiner, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
  • Ms Guðrún Jóhannesdóttir, Project Manager, Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, Iceland
  • Dr Tim Russell, MIT Humanitarian Response Lab, USA
  • Victor Manuel Mercado, Subdirector Nacional, Emergency Management Administration, Civil Protection, Mexico


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