Transformation Project


The Transformation Project is funded by the Economic and Research Council (ESRC) and supported by the Association for Project Management (APM). Developed through a collaborative partnership with colleagues from the public, third and private sectors, it has produced two new products: the Receptivity for Change Toolset and the Actor Analysis Toolset.

These toolsets accurately diagnose transformation potential as a response to the external and internal pressures faced by organisations. As such, they effectively pinpoint areas for development in order to improve the delivery of services and products. They achieve this through The Transformation Pathway: a clear change-management strategy, with stage gates to measure progress at key points. 

Current project partners include:

Private Sector (UK and International)
•    British Sugar Group
•    European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA)
•    L’Oreal
•    Saudi Aramco
•    South Staffordshire Group IT Services

Public Sector (UK)
•    Birmingham Local Education Partnership (inter agency which work across sectors)
•    ESRC
•    NHS Arden Cluster
•    Warwickshire Police

Third Sector (UK and International)
•    UK and Romanian Roma NGOs

Project Lead
Professor Michael Butler 

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