PhD and DBA Supervision


Current PhD topics

  • A Meta-Analysis of Loyalty Programme Effectiveness
  • The Impact of Digital Service Innovations in Retail Agglomerations on Retail
  • Destination Attractiveness
  • The Role of Emotions in Customer Refer Reward Program
  • Why Ethics in Finance Should Matter. The Case of Ethical Consideration of
  • High-Frequency Trading in the Stock Market
  • A Study of Open Innovation and Online Customer Social Influence in
  • Development and Purchase of Innovative Products and Services
  • Antecedents and Consequences of Language Operating Climate:
  • Measurement Development and Management Tool

If you are interested in PhD study please contact the Research Convenor Andrew Farrell

Supervision Areas

Consumer Decision Making and Behaviour


  • Implications of digitalization for retail organizations
  • Impact of digitalization on the customer interface
  • Innovative point-of-sale marketing
  • Innovation management and customer-co-creation


  • Customer inspiration
  • Customer experience
  • Price perception and price management
  • Management of store loyalty and customer churn
  • Complaint management in retail businesses
  • Dynamics in customer relationships
  • Management of cross-cultural shopper-behaviour
  • Brand management and evaluation
  • Service Quality
  • In-store behaviour


  • Managing frontline employees in retail settings
  • Employee Empowerment in retailing
  • Manager-Employee-Consumer interfaces


  • Management of retailing in a global context
  • Multi- and Omni-channel management
  • Management of the retail store brand

Managing Data

  • Managing and leveraging retail data
  • Big data in retailing
Sales and Innovation

Sales Strategy and Management

  • Salesforce recruitment, evaluation, and performance
  • Coalition sales strategy
  • Salesperson and team motivation and effectiveness
  • B2B buyer-seller relationships
  • Aligning marketing and sales

Personal and Professional Selling

  • Innovation selling
  • Green selling
  • Team selling
  • Cloud-based selling
  • Entrepreneurial selling

Digital Sales

  • Sales analytics
  • Online selling
  • Channel partner programmes and enablement strategy
  • Gamification
  • Channel management

Decision Making and Strategy Process

  • Cognitive shifts in strategy implementation
  • Longitudinal comparisons of management cognition
  • Corporate governance
  • Mental models in scenario planning
  • Sensemaking and decision making under high pressure, extreme events
  • SME leaders’ innovation strategies
  • SME access to finance
  • Top management teams
  • Behavioural strategy: Psychological foundations of strategic management
  • Behavioural decision making
  • Exploring the role of emotions in strategic decision-making
  • Examining the drivers of mergers and acquisitions success and failure
  • Psychological foundations of SME internationalisation
  • Forward-looking analysis/choice and judgemental forecasting
  • Corporate foresight and strategy development
  • Perceived uncertainty and strategy development


  • Strategic responses to complexity or pluralism
  • Entrepreneurial strategies (using a practice lens)
  • Creation and/or use of strategy related tools
  • The interplay between identity and strategy work
  • Practices of strategic implementation and change
  • Role of middle managers in strategic work
  • The role of materiality in the practice of strategy
  • Strategic Foresight as practice
  • Sensemaking in the practice of scenario planning/foresight