PhD and DBA Supervision 


Current PhD/DBAs supervised by members of the Accounting Department

Mrs Flavia Rodricks (DBA) - Sustainability Assurance with Stakeholder Inclusiveness and The Adoption of Materiality, Completeness and Responsiveness, Supervisors: Dr Melina Manochin and Dr Muhammad Al Mahameed

Ms Saba Ishaq (PhD) – Islamic Finance and SMEs in Pakistan, Supervisors: Dr Umair Riaz and Dr Melina Manochin

Mr Martin Kyere (PhD) - The role of algorithms in health care, Supervisors: Dr Omid Omidvar-Tehrani, Dr Melina Manochin and Dr George Salijeni

Mrs Hoang Anh Thu Nguyen (PhD) – The social construction of value: intellectual capital in SMEs, Supervisors: Dr Melina Manochin, Prof Ivo de Loo and Claire Howe

Mr Ahmad Faleh Ali Alwadhan (PhD) - Behind the Closed Doors of Auditors: Abnormal Audit Fees, Audit Quality and the Value Relevance of Accounting information. What the UK Firms Tell?, Supervisors: Dr Ilias G. Basioudis, Dr Ozlem Arikan

Mr Mohit Dar (PhD) - Social Accounts in social housing, Supervisors: Prof C Cordery, Dr Melina Manochin, Prof Ivo DeLoo

Mr Muhammed Mahmoud (PhD) “Accounting processes in communications industry – and Actor Network Theory perspective”- Supervisors: Dr Umair Riaz, Prof I De Loo, Dr M Al-Mahameed

Miss Kiran Chohan (PhD) - Charities and accountability, Supervisors: Carolyn Cordery, U Napiersky (WON). B Kazmi (WON)

Recently completed

Dr Guodong Cheng (PhD) 2020 – Corporate Human Rights accountability: Contextualising the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in Multinational

Corporation Supply Chains In China, Supervisors: Dr Melina Manochin, Prof Ivo De Loo, Prof Ataur Belal

Dr Shannon Sidaway (PhD) 2019 - Fraud, audit pricing, and corporate governance in Australia, Supervisors: Dr ilias G Basioudis

Dr David Yates (PhD) 2019 - The role, status and accountability of UK service clubs: an exploratory study, Supervisors Prof Ataur Belal, Prof Alan Lowe, Dr Florian Gebreiter

Dr Muhammad Al Mahameed (PhD) 2018 - Corporate social reporting in the Arab Spring region, Supervisors Prof Ataur Belal, Prof Alan Lowe, Dr Florian Gebreiter 

Dr Kenneth Lee (DBA) 2018- The equity analyst’s rating decision: a strong structuration analysis, Supervisors: Dr Melina Manochin, Dr Carlene Wynter 

Dr Richard Thomas (DBA) 2018 – Management control and portfolio risk management in an organisation of national significance: the case of the Royal Navy, Supervisors: Dr Melina Manochin, Prof Philip Linsley, Prof Margaret Woods (advisors) and Dr Angela Lorenz (associate supervisor) 

Dr Miranti Kartika Dewi (PhD) 2017- An in-depth case study of beneficiary accountability practices by an Indonesian NGO, Supervisors: Prof Ataur Belal and Dr Melina Manochin 

Dr Teng Li (PhD) 2017 - Stand-alone corporate social responsibility reporting in China: a case study of a state-owned oil multinational, Supervisor Prof Ataur Belal Dr Md Rezaul Kabir (PhD) 2017 - Sustainable business practices and reporting: case study of a garment manufacturing company in Bangladesh, Supervisor Prof Ataur Belal, Prof Stuart Cooper (Bristol) 

Dr Khairul Ayuni Mohd Karuddin (PhD) 2016 – Auditor industry specialisation and corporate governance: the effects of audit quality and earnings quality in the UK, Dr ilias G Basioudis

PhD supervision areas of interest

  • Accounting, Auditing and Accountability: interdisciplinary research
  • Management accountability and control
  • Accounting education and pedagogy
  • Sustainability, accountability and social responsibility
  • Judgment and Decision Making in Financial Markets
  • Audit fees, audit quality and auditor independence
  • The audit profession
  • Accountability in public services, housing associations, health care services and


  • Accounting profession
  • Accounting History
  • Accounting regulation
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives in accounting, taxation and audit
  • Islamic Accounting and Finance

If you are interested in PhD study please contact the PGR director Dr Mahmoud Elmarzouky: