Providing an evidence-based critique of the role of accounting in society, and formulating insightful contributions to resolve problems of accountability and control.


We aim to provide an evidence-based critique of the role of accounting in society, and suggest insightful contributions to resolving problems of accountability and control in these contexts.

Addressing real-world problems and providing data-backed insights means our research is used by organisations, policymakers and stakeholders to make a positive impact on society and our communities.

The Accounting Department has a well-established reputation of research in three key areas: 

  • auditing and governance
  • accountability and sustainability
  • accounting education and pedagogy.

Our approach to research is highly collaborative across the department as well as with other disciplines and schools, involving partnerships with businesses at a local, national and global level along with academic institutions in the UK and across the globe. We aim to develop knowledge that directly informs our teaching and makes a sustainable difference to people, organizations and society. This means we engage with policy makers, organisations and societies within the West Midlands and beyond. 
We want our research to be sustainable and recognised in its many dimensions.  This includes developing and delivering research projects guided by a diverse range of research interests, leading externally funded projects, organising international conferences and events, and supervising successful doctorate research. 

Our research takes a variety of forms including case studies, surveys, qualitative (interpretive, critical) and historical methods, experimental and analytical methods. This allows us to analyse the often intricate and unexpected issues that arise when accounting and financial information, tools, instruments and/or practices (in the broadest sense) are implemented and/or enacted in organisations.

People and Publications

A departmental overview (including people and publications) can be accessed on Aston Research Explorer.

Emeritus Professors

Prof Stan Brignall, Emeritus Professor
Prof Margaret Woods, Emeritus Professor


Management Accounting Research Group Hybrid conference 

17th – 18th November 2022 

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