Advanced Services Group

The Advanced Services Group (ASG) is the world’s primary research centre focused exclusively on the adoption of servitization and outcome-based business models. Founded in 2011 at Aston Business School, its mission is to transform global manufacturers and technology innovators by developing models and frameworks that enable them to innovate and implement services-led strategies.

The cross-disciplinary centre is led by Professor Tim Baines, Dr Ali Z. Bigdeli, Dr Andreas Schroeder and Dr Ahmad Beltagui who collaborate with co-authors from across the globe to publish groundbreaking and industrially relevant research. The centre draws together some 30 academic and professional staff who are supported through a portfolio of funding from industry, the EPSRC, ESRC, BBSRC and Innovate UK.

ASG regularly engages in collaborative research with large international businesses and a broad portfolio of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the founder of the Spring Servitization Conference, the world’s largest academic conference dedicated to the research on service-led business models, which attracts leading scholars and industrialists from Europe, North and South America, Japan, China, India and Australia.

Our overarching research agenda addresses the following areas of enquiry:

  • Definition, components and leading examples of advanced services
  • Economics, business impact and contextual conditions of advanced services
  • Business organization for delivery of advanced services
  • Enablers, technology and innovation of advanced services
  • Legal, contractual, financial and regulatory considerations for advanced services.

For more information regarding the work of the Advanced Services Group, click the link: The Advanced Services Group - The Advanced Services Group