Universities Business Challenge Global Masters


All Aston University Business postgraduate students have the opportunity to take part in the Universities Business Challenge (UBC) Global Masters. The UBC Global Masters is a team-based business simulation event that provides participants with the opportunity to act as a board of directors, who have taken responsibility for improving the performance of a company. You and your team will need to take into account not only the financial performance of the company but also its responsibilities to its various stakeholders including its suppliers, its customers, and its employees.

The UBC Global Masters offers postgraduate students a unique opportunity to develop the skills that you will need when moving into the working world. Whether you are hoping to work for a large multinational corporation, take on a public-sector role, return to run a family-owned business, or set up your own enterprise, you will need to develop your skills in making the strategic and operational decisions that create value for organisations.

The UBC Postgraduate Global Masters provides an opportunity for personal and professional development that is intellectually challenging and practically relevant, equipping participants with essential skills. Find out more here.


UBC Team's 2019

The UBC is an annual event, where you will compete with University teams across the UK. The UBC commences around October and runs over two rounds through to approx March the following year. Any Aston University Business postgraduate student can take part in this activity (September and January starts), you can pick your own team of 5 from your course or express an interest to join and be matched up with other Aston postgraduate students from a range of courses.

If you are interested in joining please express your interest to your programme director during your summer term (Jan starts) or first term (Sept starts). Or you can email Clive Kerridge, PD MSc SIB on c.kerridge@aston.ac.uk


Aston University has taken part in many UBC Global Masters, within the last two competitions we have funded the entry of 12 teams and had five of these teams go on to represent Aston in the finals. Find out more about the teams that made it into the finals below. 

2020/2021 UBC Final 

UBC Final agenda

This academic year, two Aston University teams made it into the final, which took place on Wednesday 10 March.

Due to the pandemic, all UBC events and the final had to take place virtually, however, the UCB team made sure to make the day worthwhile, and it was packed with some fantastic guest speakers as well as a range of challenging simulations. 20 teams from universities across the UK made it into the final.

UBS 2020 agenda

Team AE5

Team AE5

AE5 team members are Zongmin, Juijuan, Honghao, Jien and Fangning. They are all international students studying MSc Strategic Marketing Management

Their team leader is Fangning Xu (bottom right), and staff mentor is Lecturer in Marketing, Dr Julius Stephan (bottom middle)

They won their qualifying group and came 9th out of 20 in the final.


Team AG5

Team AG5

Team AG5 is made up of five students, two are from the UK and three are international. Each person is on a different Aston Postgraduate course and they have come together to create this team.

The team leader is MBA student Shruti Arora (top left), and their staff Mentor is Accounting Lecturer, Matt Davies (top middle).

They qualified as best runners-up in round 1, from a very tough group with teams from Nottingham Trent (last year’s UBC GM winner) and Loughborough (2018 winners). They came 6th out of 20 in the final! 


2019/2020 UBC Final 

This year they had two qualifying rounds to get into the final's which was due to take place in London, however, due to the pandemic the final took place virtually on 2 April 2020. Three Aston University team's made it into the finals, find out more about the teams below. 

Team AH2

Team AH2

Aston team AH2 was made up of postgraduate students Faiza Adam, Yewande Porter, Pamela Chibanguza, Benjamin Hamandishe, and Joane Wankjiku Njeru.

They presented their final UBC pitch on setting up antique markets for the elderly and came 10th overall. 


Team AJ2

Team AJ2

Aston team AJ2 was made up of postgraduate students Karina Kapina, Yuting Zhao, Khushbu Thakker, Amanpreet Sidhu, and Florence Mazy.

They presented their final UBC business pitch on setting up a castle visit subscription for the elderly. With the tagline: 'Don't miss your chance to water your roots. They came 5th overall. 


Team AJ2

Team AK2

Aston team AK2 was made up of postgraduate students Amanjot Grewal, Daven Sharda, Hussein Shabbir, Syed Jaffer Ali Jaffri, and Ben Maina.

They presented their final UBC business pitch on selling 'energy creating bicycles' for the active and Eco-friendly market and came 3rd overall.