Thank you for considering Aston University for your postgraduate studies.

Due to very high demand for places, Aston University now operates a staged admissions process for all on campus taught Masters programmes. 

Application deadlines have been introduced and our most popular programmes will close as soon as all places are filled. Certain programmes have already closed, please see the closed programmes section at the bottom of the page for more information.

This webpage will be updated regularly to confirm when programmes are closed. If you fail to submit your application by the deadline and your chosen course is closed we regret that we will not be able to provide you with an offer and we will advise you of alternative programmes.

When submitting your application please ensure that a full application is submitted including all relevant supporting documents: 

Essential supporting documents
  • Copies of your university transcripts, for each year of study
  • If you haven’t completed your degree yet, please submit the grades that you have achieved so far. If necessary, certified English translations of all documents should be provided. 
  • Copies of your English language qualifications (if necessary – please check our English Language Requirements as this may not be required)
  • Two references (one academic and one employer provided on a letter headed paper and signed; alternatively the reference can be provided directly from the referee via their professional email address)
  • A personal statement (250 words maximum)

Your statement should explain your interest in your chosen subject area, highlight non-academic achievements or activities that you wish to be considered, and demonstrate how the course will support your career plans.

Application form

You’ll find an application form on every postgraduate course page. Once your application has been received, you’ll receive a confirmation email followed by an electronic copy of your completed form. 

Application deadlines

Deadlines for applications to programmes starting in September 2022 are shown in the table below:


Application Window

Offer-holders should accept the offer and pay their fee deposit by


Applications received from

Applications received by



4 January  2022

28 February 2022

14 March 2022


1 March 2022

31 March 2022

30 April 2022


1 April 2022

30 April 2022

31 May 2022


1 May 2022

31 May 2022

30 June 2022


1 June 2022

30 June 2022

31 July 2022


1 July 2022

1 August 2022

24 August 2022

Final application deadline for September 2022

  • International students - 1 August 2022 
  • UK students – 1 September 2022   

Programmes may close at a short notice once all places have been filled. Please apply early to avoid disappointment. If the programme remains open the final deadline for postgraduate taught courses in September 2022 intake is 1 August 2022 for International students and 1 September 2022 for UK students.  

Last acceptance deadline (if extension has been granted): 24 August 2022.  

The deadline to accept your offer will be specified in your offer letter. Should you require additional time to accept your offer and pay your deposit please email; extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis. Please note we will not be able to grant any extensions later than 24 August 2022. 

Deadline to meet offer conditions: 1 September 2022.  

The last day to provide evidence of meeting offer conditions is 1 September 2022. The offer conditions will be specified in your offer letter, please check carefully to ensure all conditions are met. Please upload the required documents to the Applicant Portal. Please note any uploads with a date of 2 September 2022 will not be accepted. Admissions Team will contact you to offer a deferral to the next intake instead. 

Paying your deposit

The deadline to pay your deposit will be specified in your offer letter. If you require an extension to pay your deposit, please email to check if an extension can be granted; please note extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis. The latest extension will be 24 August 2022.

Closed programmes for 2022

Closed programmes (September 2022 intake)Programmes with limited availability (September 2022)

MSc Business Analytics (Full-time)
MBA (Full-time)








MSc Data Analytics (Full-time)
MSc Data Analytics (including Professional Practice) (Full-time)
MSc Entrepreneurship and Analytics (Full-time)
MSc Information Systems and Business Analysis (Full-time)
MSc International Business (Full-time)
MSc Human Resource Management (Full-time)
MSc Leadership and Analytics (Full-time)
MSc Marketing and Analytics (Full-time)
MSc Strategy and Analytics (Full-time)
MSc Pharmacokinetics (Full-time)
MSc Drug Delivery (Full-time)
MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences (Full-time)

Whilst applications for certain programmes have now closed for the September 2022 intake, please note that applications for the January 2023 intake will open shortly (from June 2022).