Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of our frequently asked questions regarding our masters courses.

We’ve put together a handy FAQ list to help answer any questions that you may have about studying for a masters course at Aston University. Here are our most commonly asked questions. If your question isn't on here and you can't find the answer on this page then please contact us at

With the current situation regarding COVID -19 we are also including the answers to some of the recent questions we have been asked about COVID -19. Further information can be found here.

Due to COVID-19 if you change your start date to Jan 2021, will there be any need to pay the deposit if you have paid already for Sept 2020?

You would not be required to pay a further deposit.  Your deposit would be moved to the new start date if necessary.

Can we pay deposit amounts post normalisation of the current COVID-19 situation?

If you are requesting for a deadline extension, we are more than happy to help you provide this. If you send in an email to with your student number and your reasons, we will be able to extend it.

Does Aston offer any scholarships to help with tuition fees or living costs?

Yes, we offer various scholarships. Find out more about Aston’s scholarships.

How do I apply for a pre-sessional English course?

Find out how to apply and join one of Aston’s Pre-sessional English programmes.

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

We typically review applications within 24 to 48 Hours.

I would like to ask about the possibility of deferring the start of my course until the next academic year?

To help us make these changes you will need to contact us and include your student number and confirm that you wish to defer your application to the following year. We will then make the necessary changes. Please be aware entry requirements and tuition fees may change for the next academic year.

Is it possible for masters students to live in the University’s halls?

Yes, masters students can live in the University’s halls. Find out more about our accommodation

How long does the personal statement have to be?

There is no specific word count for your personal statement, but between 250 and 500 words would be sufficient. 

If I study a full time course how often will I be required to attend lectures and workshops?

Overall, you will be required to attend 4 days per week throughout the academic year. In addition, to lecturers and workshops, our masters courses also require a significant amount of self-study, which is common for masters study.

Can you help students to find part-time jobs?

A full list of jobs available to students are published on our Job Shop web pages.

Could I get an overview of each module and how I will be assessed?

All of your essential module information will be included in your offer email. The assessments are a combination of course work, class tests and exams. You will also need to complete a dissertation/business project at the end of your course. 

How much are the living costs for an international student at Aston?

The average cost of living for an international student would be £9,135.

What do Aston scholarships cover?

Scholarships awarded by Aston are discounted from your tuition fees.

Do you get a discount on fees if you apply for a postgraduate course and are a graduate of Aston University?

Yes, as an Aston graduate (including exchange students) you will automatically be awarded a 20% loyalty scholarship which will be deducted from your course fees.  

What is it like to live in the city of Birmingham?

For more information about the city of Birmingham visit our website. You can also chat to our students.

Is there a specific deadline to apply for masters?

We do not have a specific deadline to apply for a masters. The sooner you make the application the better especially if you are an international student who requires a VISA to study the course starts in September.

What are the term dates?

Term dates

I am waiting for response in regards to my scholarship application, when will I get an update?

We are working through the applicants, and we hope to have results out shortly. Thanks for applying, we were overwhelmed with the response to this scholarship.