Complete your acceptance by following these 3 simple steps

Step 1

Fill out the acceptance form

Fill out your acceptance form

Fill out the form below to accept your place.



Step 2

Make your deposit payment

Make your payment

Are you a sponsored student or a Home student applying for PG Loan? For sponsored students please scroll down and head to 'Sponsored students' tab. For students applying for a PG loan please send us evidence of your loan application.


Step 3

Send us evidence of your deposit payment (or sponsorship letter/PG letter)

Welcome confirmation and receipt

Send a copy of your receipt payment quoting your Applicant ID number

Upload requirements
Make your payment

If you would like to make a payment by bank transfer, please refer to our payment methods page.

Paying online

Visit here to pay your deposit online.
Please ensure that you forward a copy of your deposit receipt to us if you are paying online.

Receipt of payment

Please forward your receipt of payment to ABS Postgraduate Accept
If you have not attached it to your offer reply form.

Sponsored students

You are a sponsored student if all or part of your tuition or accommodation fees will be paid by an external organisation (not a family member). This may be an employer, a government/embassy or scholarship funding organisation. Aston University will send an invoice directly to your sponsor.

What to do if you are a sponsored student

Once you have accepted a place at Aston, let us know as soon as possible that you are a sponsored student. Ask your Sponsor to write a letter on their company headed paper or an official purchase order, which clearly states the following:

  • Your full name.
  • Full details of where the invoice should be sent, including Sponsor contact name, details, address and e-mail address.
  • Any reference or name that needs to be quoted on the invoice.
  • What fees are to be paid by the sponsor (tuition, accommodation or both).
  • Amount of money the Sponsor is contributing to tuition or accommodation costs (the value in GBP or percentage of the fees).
  • How long the sponsorship will last. For example, whether you are being sponsored for one academic year only or for every year of your course. If this changes, your Sponsor will need to send us another letter. For example, if you are being sponsored for one academic year only, but your sponsor later decides to sponsor you for every year of your course.

If you tell us you are a sponsored student, but we don't receive a letter from your Sponsor you will be charged.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject a sponsor letter and if your sponsor does not pay, you will be personally responsible for payment of the debt.

Sponsorship letter

Please send your sponsorship letter to ABS PG Accept.

Please note: Tuition fee instalment plans are not applicable to sponsored students. Sponsors are required to make full payment within 30 days of the invoice date.

CAS Questionnaire

International students that require a visa will need to complete a pre-CAS questionnaire.

For further information about applying for your Tier 4 visa please visit this link.  

PG Loan Students

Students must complete:

  • Step 1: Fill out acceptance form
  • Step 2: Send evidence of applying for a PG Loan (it doesn't need to be a confirmation of the loan being granted, just evidence of applying for a loan)

Aston University has a collaborative agreement with Aston Student Village to offer guaranteed student accommodation to eligible applicants.