Food and nutrition

Aston University Nursery & Preschool is currently working towards the Startwell Award


Startwell is a programme run through Birmingham City Council with a focus on promoting a healthier environment for children and their families. Helping children to eat healthily and move more in the very early years of life is very important for their health as they grow up and as an adult. Early life experiences of a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference to the types of foods they choose and the amount and types of activity they do throughout life.

We are hoping to promote this through following the Startwell Programme and giving our children the skills and knowledge to make health choices. Aston University provides meals throughout the day with meals prepared on site by the Nursery Cook. Breakfast is provided upon arrival up until 9am. Children can choose from a range of cereals. Healthy snacks are provided during the morning and afternoon.

Children can select from a variety of fruit and salad items. Lunch – We currently provide a Halal menu and cater for children with a range of dietary requirements and allergies Tea – Tea is served to the children during the afternoon. Our tea menu provides children with a small snack but is not intended to replace their evening meal. Please call the nursery if you have any questions about our menus or if you would like to discuss your child’s dietary requirements.