NSS Survey

National Student Survey (NSS) 2024

The National Student Survey (NSS) gives you the chance to have your say about your course, and your time at Aston University.

Your feedback is completely confidential and helps applicants make the right choice of course and university. Your responses also help us to see what we're doing right and where we need to make changes, or invest in the Aston student experience.

Nearly half a million final year students across the UK are invited to take part in the NSS every year. Make sure your voice is heard

The National Student Survey 2024 (NSS)

In your final year and want to feedback on your university or college experience? Take part in the National Student Survey 2024.

All students will receive a limited edition ‘Class of 2024’ t-shirt on completion of the survey.

On completing the survey students will receive a confirmation email from Ipsos Mori which they can show at a completion event or at the Students’ Union welcome desk during working hours to collect their FREE t-shirt.

nss 2024 t shirt

Completion event dates:

  • Tuesday 19 March - Aston Students' Union - 1pm-5pm

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What difference will my response make to Aston University students?

The NSS is a national annual survey for final year students that gives students the opportunity to reflect back on their full time at Aston, from their first year, and provide feedback about their course and experience.

We use student feedback from the NSS, in addition to feedback from Speak week and Student Pulse Surveys, to make continuous improvements to the Aston student experience. Your input will help to support the student experience for future generations of Aston University students.

Where can I complete the survey?

The survey can be accessed on the National Student Survey website and can be completed straight from your mobile phone.

Am I eligible to complete the survey?

All students studying on courses leading to undergraduate credits or qualifications, which are longer than 1-year full-time study or its part-time equivalent, will be surveyed in their final year of study.

Students on more flexible part-time programmes (whose final-year cannot be easily predicted) will normally be surveyed during their fourth year of study. Students who have withdrawn from study during their final-year will be included in the survey as their feedback is equally valuable. Unless otherwise removed, students who have repeated a year or have changed their course arrangements, but were originally expected to graduate in 2023, will be surveyed in the current year. Students who were invited to be surveyed in 2023 will not be invited to take part in 2024.

You may receive an invitation to participate in the survey even though you are not in your final year. We encourage you to participate in the survey if you receive an invitation, as this will represent your only opportunity to complete the NSS.

You can find more information about eligibility on the NSS website.

How will my data be used?

The NSS survey and prize draw is conducted independently by Ipsos MORI (an independent research company in the UK) and all their research is conducted in compliance with data protection legislation.

Your responses to the survey are strictly confidential and will be anonymised before they are made available to Aston University.

These results will be used by the University to help to develop and improve the academic experience for current and future students.

How does it work?

The NSS is conducted by Ipsos MORI (an independent research company), who will be contacting eligible students throughout the campaign to invite them to complete the survey via email and phone call.

If you decide to opt-out of the survey you will need to visit the survey website and no further contact will be made by Ipsos MORI. The University is not informed about who has or has not taken part in the survey. Please email if you do not want to receive NSS emails from the University.

What questions are covered in the survey?

The survey consists of 27 core questions which cover the categories of Teaching on my course, Learning opportunities, Assessment and feedback, Academic support, Organisation and management, Learning community and Student voice. There is also the opportunity to add any positive or negative comments that you may have about your experience at Aston University.

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