Welcome to Aston University Library, as a visitor you can:

  • Borrow 6 books at any one time
  • Use WiFi via eduroam on own device if a member of an other university or via password for own laptop which will be issued from the help desk (weekdays 09:00-18:00). This will provide access to many electronic resources.  University printers, computers and laptops are not available to visitors.

Apply for a visitor card using one of the schemes below, we will arrange for an ID card to be created which you will need to use to access the building.

Aston graduates and Aston-affiliated users

You can apply online if you are an Aston graduate or affiliated user using the relevant link below and a passport style digital photo.

Aston Graduates / Alumni

If you do not wish to visit the Library on a regular basis, but are interested in accessing online resources, then please refer to this Library Guide for Alumni You can also find out what benefits and services the University offers to Alumni.

Retired Aston University staff


SCONUL Access Scheme for staff and students from other universities

Under the arrangements of the SCONUL Access scheme, students and staff who attend member institutions can also apply for a membership card to use the Library on a regular basis if they are:
  • Academic and support staff (band A)
  • Research e.g. Phd (band A)
  • Part time (band B) Distance learning (band B)
  • Placement (band B)
  • Full time postgraduate (band C)

Please apply for your SCONUL Access approval email online and once you have that, complete the Aston University online registration form.  You will need to provide a digital photo and your SCONUL Access Approval email along with your application.

Full-time undergraduates are not admitted under the SCONUL Access Scheme.

Please refer to the arrangements for members of the public or the SCONUL Access Summer Vacation Scheme.

SCONUL Access Summer Vacation Scheme

Current students (undergraduate or postgraduate) and staff from other universities can come into the Library during the summer vacation - the dates for this should be checked before visiting.  

Students and staff must show a current valid ID card from their own university (the university must be a member of the scheme)
  • The card must have a recognisable photograph and give university ID number
  • It must give a current date

Members of the public

We are open for Aston staff and students, graduates, affiliated users and SCONUL members only.