Glaucoma (Professionally Accredited)

A professional module accredited by the College of Optometrists leading to a Professional Certificate in Glaucoma. 

Course type
Part-time, Online / distance learning

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No placements


6 months

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Glaucoma (Professionally Accredited)

    Key information, entry requirements and fees

    The Aston School of Optometry offer high standards of expertise in teaching underpinned by evidence based research, ensuring that students gain a wide breadth of knowledge in the areas they choose to study. The postgraduate modules in Optometry are online and distance learning based allowing professionals to work at their own pace and around their careers. 

    This course is open to UK registered Optometrists seeking to enhance their understating of Glaucoma as a disease, management and treatment. The module is distance learning based and accessed online through our virtual learning platform. As part of assessment criteria students are expected to attend some on campus workshops at the Aston School of Optometry. The dates for workshops will vary for each intake but students will be informed very soon after enrolment. 

    Start date: 1st March 2023

    Duration: 4 months

    Entry requirements: GOC registered Optometrist practising in the UK

    Fees 2022/23: £1,200

    Subject guide and modules


    • Glaucoma epidemiology, terminology, risk factors, classification and clinical features, differential diagnoses and comorbidities
    • Examination techniques for investigating Glaucoma 
    • Instrumentation and test strategies 
    • Interpretation of visual field results; interpretation of visual field data in conjunction with other clinical data 
    • Utilising clinical data in the context of clinical management guidelines 
    • Patient information, patient support, low vision registration
    • College and NICE guidance on glaucoma diagnosis, monitoring, management and referral
    • Example cases to review clinical management, referral and monitoring in the context of clinical management guidelines
    • Patient presented symptoms, lifestyle implications of glaucoma, assessment of change in symptoms; patient support and information access
    • Overview of new technologies used in the context of glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring

    Learning, teaching and assessment

    Learning and teaching is through our virtual learning platform as the course is a distance learning and online based module. Assessments include online tests such as MCQs and on campus workshops with associated OSCEs. Coursework completion of case records is also mandatory in some modules.

    Module Leader: Dr Preeti Bhogal-Bhamra

    Professional Accediations

    The module is accredited by the College of Optometrists.

    Career prospects

    The module can be taken as part of the Optometry Flexible Framework in order to gain a Masters or Doctorate in Optometry. It is an exciting opportunity for Optometrists to widen their skillset and explore the world of Glaucoma and its management.