IT Security Framework

These IT Policies make up the 'IT Security Framework' and work in parallel with each other along with other relevant Aston Policies.

IT Security Policy outlines what Aston staff and students need to know about the management and security of information and information systems. It applies to all users of any University owned networks, computers or mobile devices, and to anyone using mobile devices of their own to connect to those systems.

IT Acceptable Use Policy defines what, as a user is permitted in terms of using Aston University services or equipment.

IT Monitoring Policy applies to the use and monitoring of use of the University's Communications systems by staff, students and other users of Aston University services or equipment.

IT Remote Working Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Working Remotely

  • Guidance for when working away from campus.

uniCARD Rules and Regulations

Installing Software

  • Students are not allowed to install any software on University equipment.

Video Monitoring

  • Please be aware that CCTV recording is in operation in some of the University computer labs.