The College of Health and Life Sciences has over 250 academic teaching and research members, and over 70 staff in technical, administrative, and support roles.

Whether this is your first contact with Aston as an undergraduate student seeking access to a profession in medicine, healthcare or the life sciences; a graduate student looking to advance your practice; or excellent research with impact, you’ve come to the right place. All of my colleagues in the College of Health and Life Sciences are passionate about what they do, and committed to advancing and sharing knowledge in a way that benefits our students, collaborators, our region and wider society. 

Professor Anthony Hilton 

50th Anniversary Professor of Applied Microbiology
PVC and Executive Dean, College of Health and Life Sciences


Key roles in the College

PVC and Executive Dean

Professor Anthony Hilton

Deputy Dean Internal

Professor Liz Moores

Deputy Dean External

Professor Chris Langley

Associate Dean of Education, Quality Assurance

Dr Alan Goddard

Associate Dean of Education, Quality Enhancement

Dr Amy Sheppard

Associate Dean of Education, Public Engagement

Dr Duane Mellor

Associate Dean International

Bhavisha Koner

Associate Dean Knowledge Exchange & Impact

Professor Afzal Mohammed

Associate Dean Portfolio and Planning

Dr Stuart Greenhill

Associate Dean Postgraduate and Non-standard Programmes

Ms Natalie Lewis

Associate Dean Research

Professor Claire Farrow

Dean of Aston Medical School

Professor Eamonn Maher

Dean of Medical Education

Professor John Alcolado

Head of the School of Biosciences

Professor Andrew Devitt

Head of the School of Optometry

Professor James Wolffsohn

Head of the Pharmacy School

Dr Joe Bush

Head of the School of Psychology

Professor Richard Tunney

Athena Swan Lead

Dr Olivia Hunt

Director of Operations

Trevor Knight

Director of External Operations

Dr Liz Bridges

Finance Partner

Natalie Taylor/Michelle May

HR Partners

Sarah Carey

Marketing Manager

Lynne Cheshire

Head of Technical Services

Jiteen Ahmed


Schools Teams