Our team come from a wide range of clinical and research backgrounds with specialisms in areas from health psychology to cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

Head of School of Psychology: Professor Richard Tunney

Richard is a Professor of Psychology. He conducts research on judgement and decision-making. His recent work has focused on surrogate decision-making (DMfO), behavioural addictions, and impulsivity.



Academic staff



Senior Lecturers


Teaching Fellows and Associates

Visiting and Honorary
  • Professor Paul Furlong (Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neuroimaging)
  • Professor Klaus Kessler (Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • Professor Gina Rippon (Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging)
  • Professor Stefano Seri (Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology and Developmental Neuropsychiatry)
  • Professor Amanda Wood (Honorary Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology)
Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Thomas James (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Sam Jordan (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Beth Logan (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Michelle Oxtoby (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Jaspreet Randhawa (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Nicola Tuck (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Niteen Mulji (Psychology Technician)
  • Jake Diggins (Psychology Technician)