Meet our team of expert biosciences staff who come from a wide range of research and industry backgrounds in the field.

We have a staff headcount of over 75 members across our teaching, research, technical and support teams. Over 40 of our academic staff are dedicated to teaching across our portfolio, working together to drive innovative methods of teaching and provide the excellent dedicated support students need during their time at Aston. All of these members are highly qualified; they are either a minimum of Fellow of the Higher Education Academy or training towards that qualification and represent a cohort of inspirational academic teachers and researchers.

Head of School of Biosciences: Professor Andrew Devitt

Andrew is a Professor of Biosciences, inflammatory cell biologist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science, and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is an established researcher whose work focuses on the innate immune system and its role in protection and tissue repair through the study of phagocyte clearance of dying (apoptotic) cells and microbial challenge. He also teaches immunology and microbiology modules across undergraduate and postgraduate courses within the School.



Academic staff
  • Shammi Adatia
  • Colin Banks
  • Fathema Begum
  • Susannah Derry
  • Elisha Francis
  • Megan Land
  • Kamaljit Mckenzie
  • Roy Mckenzie
  • Dr Atif Saghir
  • Steven Wells
  • Naomi Wilkinson