Get ahead in Biology or Optometry

In addition to our exchange programmes, each year we offer a range of summer school opportunities designed to immerse you in a subject of your choosing, and give you a first-class educational experience.

Current opportunities

Biology Summer School 2023
Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine 
19th - 30th June 2023

Week 1: Stem Cell Biology
Morning1 hourLecture 1Lecture 3Lecture 4Lecture 6Lecture 7
Lecture 2Seminar 1Lecture 5Seminar 2Lecture 8
Lunch Break
Afternoon2-3 hours

Practical 1

Practical 2

Workshop 1

Practical 3

Lecture 1: Introduction to Cell Biology (I)
Lecture 2: Introduction to Cell Biology (II) 
Lecture 3: Introduction to Stem Cell Biology 
Seminar 1: PhD student presentations 
Lecture 4: Types of Stem Cells 
Lecture 5: Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine 
Lecture 6: Introduction to Biomaterials
Seminar 2: PhD student presentations 
Lecture 7: Biomaterials and Stem Cells for Bone Regeneration 
Lecture 8: Wrap-up and interactive workshop 

Practical 1: Health and Safety and Cell Culture Training 
Practical 2: Stem Cell Differentiation and Staining
Workshop 1: Biomaterials
Practical 3: IPSCs 

Week 2: Manufacturing of Biological Therapies
Morning1 hourLecture 1Lecture 2Lecture 3
Lecture 4Lecture 5
2 hours

Practical Day 1

Practical Day 2

Practical Day 3

Practical Day 4

Practical Day 5

Lunch Break



Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Presentations and Awards

Lecture 1: CAR-T cells: Biology and Manufacturing 
Lecture 2: Unit Operations 
Lecture 3: Facility Design 
Lecture 4: Biological Safety and Containment 
Lecture 5: Regulations and Logistics lecturer 

Practical: MSC Growth in Stirred Tank Bioreactors

Workshop 1: Process Flowsheet lecturer
Workshop 2: Material Balances and Requirements lecturer
Workshop 3: Analytical Tools lecturer
Workshop 4: Logistics and Supply Chain lecturer
Presentations and Awards

Entry requirements

Students must be currently studying at a recognised university in biological, biomedical or biochemistry based subject, or a related field. Students should be in the second year of their undergraduate study at a minimum.

Students who have completed an undergraduate qualification or on the first year of a 2 year PG programme in the related field will also be elegible.

This course will provide you with insights into the field of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, and an opportunity for you to consider progressing to Aston to complete a Master's in the subject.

Students will be required to have an English language competency equivalent to IELTs 6.5 with no component below 6.0 (CEF C1). Note if the language of current study is within English this will be acceptable. 

Please get in touch if you have any further queries on this matter.

Summer School Charge

1.    Programme rate - £1,200 (2 weeks)
2.    Living charge with Aston Conference - £1,555.20 (incl. VAT)*
Totals approx.: £2,750 per student 

*£108+VAT per day:
•    City Premium Single bedroom with ensuite shower.
•    Breakfast at the Courtyard Restaurant – Hot and Continental
•    Two course dinner at the Courtyard Restaurant

Applicants are able to make separate living arrangements if they so wish. The standard programme charge remains: £1,200

Contact Us

If you have any further queries, please feel free to get in touch with Bhavisha Koner, Associate Dean International -