Aston Audiology Clinic

Providing hearing assessments and ear wax removal.


Aston University's Adult Audiology Clinic has been designed for adult hearing assessments and ear-wax removal and is aimed at any local adult patients (aged 16 and over) who require this service.

Based within the Aston University campus, located in Birmingham City centre, this is a newly developed teaching clinic which aims to follow in the footsteps of the University’s well-established optometry clinic. Appointments can be made via patient self-referral.

All of our services use up-to-the-minute equipment in our custom-built sound proofed booths. Audiology undergraduates from the Healthcare Science (Audiology) BSc and Foundation Degree Hearing Aid Audiology programmes are taught in the clinic under close supervision by registered, experienced practitioners. Appointments may take longer than typically experienced in audiology clinics or dispensers as we are keen to emphasise critical accuracy and ensure high standards of patient care in our training.

Our services

  • Otoscopy – visual examination of the outer ear, ear canal and ear-drum
  • Ear irrigation – troublesome wax build-up is removed through gentle water irrigation
  • Pure-tone audiometry – a hearing test which measures the minimum hearing thresholds for speech and environmental sounds
  • Tests of middle ear function – tests which measure the movement of the ear-drum and middle ear system in response to sound
  • Microsuction – excessive wax is removed using a suction method. 
Patient and public involvement (PPI)

We welcome and encourage participation by members of the public in helping us to train the future clinical practitioners to ensure they have excellent communication skills.  

You can be involved by:

  • Sharing your experiences of healthcare with students.
  • Taking part in clinical skills activities in our purpose built Clinical Skills Laboratory.
  • Providing feedback to students on their communication skills.
  • Helping develop a curriculum that creates great audiologists.

We need you to be interested in the education of healthcare practitioners and willing to share your experiences. As an Audiology department, we work with staff, students and members of the public as well as other disciplines in the University to enhance the teaching and assessment of communication skills.

Your appointment


To provide you with optimal care, it would be useful for you to take note of the following before your appointment:

We ask you to check that your ears are clear of wax prior to the appointment as many assessment procedures cannot be undertaken if the eardrum is obscured by wax. Please bring an English-speaking friend or relative if English is not your first language. Please be aware you may be seen by either a male or female student and supervisor. If possible, bring a list of your current medications with you.


Student involvement

Audiology undergraduates from our Healthcare Science (Audiology) BSc and Foundation Degree Hearing Aid Audiology programmes are taught in the clinic, closely supervised by a registered practitioner at all times.

You may be seen by a student for all, or only parts of your appointment depending on their level of experience. You may also be seen by various students throughout your appointment; this is more likely to occur if several assessment procedures are required.

This teaching approach provides vital clinical experience for student audiologists within a safe and supervised environment.

Management options

No medical treatment or rehabilitation will be undertaken at the Aston University Audiology Clinic. As a patient, you can self-refer to our clinic and assessment results will be explained and issued to you. This will allow you to make an informed decision about your condition.

We currently advise that your GP guides you through this process, although we can provide you with background information on any hearing issues that relate to you.


To book an appointment or for further information, please contact: +44 (0)121 204 4800 or email

Address: The Aston University Audiology Clinic,  Vision Sciences Building, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET.  View the map and directions to our campus.