Our research degree programmes span science, engineering, business, social sciences, and humanities, offering a diverse range of opportunities for you to explore. 

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): this degree usually takes three years to complete and involves a substantial original contribution to knowledge in the field as well as showing a critical appreciation of existing knowledge in the field.
  • Professional doctorates: these programmes come in various formats, yet they share a commonality in blending professional and scholarly expertise and involve making an original contribution to knowledge and professional practice.


    Under the guidance of internationally recognised academics, you'll embark on a transformative journey within our Colleges or interdisciplinary Research Institutes. Here, you'll thrive in a dynamic community of postgraduate and early career researchers. 

    Our research is focused on tackling real-world challenges, both locally and globally. We have a strong tradition of collaboration with industry, business and community partners, jointly creating new knowledge and research. 

    Career progression 

    Pursuing a doctorate opens the doors to academia and specialist industries, making it an excellent route for those seeking a fulfilling career.

    Beyond this, a doctorate also equips you with a valuable set of transferable skills. You will hone your teamwork, problem-solving and analytical skills whilst becoming an influential communicator.

    Many of our doctoral researchers continue their academic journey beyond graduation while others apply their newly acquired skills in research, healthcare, industry, or charitable sectors. 

    This Vitae resource may help you decide whether a doctorate is for you.