An inaugural by Professor Manolya Kavakli

Over the past decades, we have seen rapid technological advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR), slow to start initially and gaining pace especially in the last few years, most notably after the introduction of generative AI that presents us with new challenges and opportunities for innovation and our transformation to digital futures. From self-driving cars to computer games, AI plays a role in many aspects of society today. Social media websites use Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to produce content specifically tailored for their users; businesses utilise gamification and data analytics to sell products to their customers; doctors incorporate AI to examine medical images in search of cancer; robotic arms and legs support amputees; and brain computer interfaces combine man and machine systems to support human activities. One can even talk to AI agents to have a conversation with digital assistants. While this digital transformation has unrivalled potential to improve the lives of people and modernise the way the industry, government and public services works, we have started considering whether AI is capable of making ethical decisions. This talk will provide a review of these developments as well as our digital past for establishing digital futures by giving examples of pioneering interfaces we have developed. Analysing human motions and information processing, we can evaluate the ways to improve the joint performance of man and machine systems. In this talk, looking at the complex interplay between human, computers, and technology, analysing our progress in a timeline, we will present a trajectory for future interfaces and offer insights to ease digital transformation for the challenges that lie ahead.

Dates, times and locations
Date: 29/05/2024
Time: 18:30 to 20:00
Aston Business School, B4 7ET
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