James Bell


Online public webinar by James Bell, an MBA student at Aston and international public speaker.

Lecture overview:

There are 6 areas that matter in AI Ethics, which all relate to reputational, privacy and liability risks inherent in AI development. The central argument is that AI Ethics is directly tied to the reduction of risk (“AI Safety”) and can drive policy changes that benefit the business. It is shown that, with a guiding set of values, these risks can be mitigated and the potential is for AI be grasped profitably. Around the world, governmental bodies are forming new legislation on AI risks in response to many public mistakes. 

Areas that will be covered:

  • Just what is AI Ethics? Why is it important?
  • 6 areas that need to be in any Ethics Policy and why.
  • How governments are starting to pay attention to AI Ethics.
  • How COVID affects AI Ethics.
  • Values to mitigate AI risk.

Speaker biography:

James Bell is an MBA student ay Aston and is recognised as one of the top 250 IT leaders in the UK, an international public speaker and a published writer on such topics as alternative data, risk and compliance and AI ethics. He has worked in financial services for twenty years, providing leadership in artificial intelligence, risk and compliance, payments technology, business consultancy, and IT management. He has built, developed and led multiple teams in engagements all over EMEA, MENA and APAC and developed a unique understanding of client needs. 

Dates, times and locations
Date: 24/05/2021
Time: 13:00 to 14:00
Online event
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