East, West, which is the best? State, Market and the Return of Industrial Policy

In the current epoch, characterised by unparalleled global challenges—from the persistent repercussions of recent upheavals to the intensifying climate emergency, from the early aspirations of a global village and unfettered openness to the resurgence of a zero-sum mentality, and from unwavering faith in free markets and equitable competition to the ascendancy of industrial policies financed by substantial investments—the imperative to re-evaluate economic governance has never been more critical.

This lecture will traverse the dichotomy between Eastern and Western economic models, examining the nuanced interplay between state intervention and market forces in shaping industrial policies. It will reflect on what might work, when, who might be the winners and how do we compensate the losers. This is a dialogue and not merely academic; it underpins the strategic decisions of nations as they navigate the complexities of technological advancement, international trade, and environmental sustainability.

Professor Jun Du's intellectual odyssey has been propelled by an insatiable curiosity, diverse life experiences, continual learning, and collaborative endeavours. This inaugural address aims to catalyse a dialogue that transcends the confines of this assembly, encouraging pioneering approaches to economic governance that promise enduring prosperity for future generations.

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Dates, times and locations
Date: 24/04/2024
Time: 18:00 to 20:00
Aston Business School, B4 7ET
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