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Modern academic research goes well beyond creating new discoveries that push the state of the art in relevant disciplines and documenting its findings in high quality publications. The success of research and innovation work today is measured primarily by its well proven ability to integrate multiple disciplinary talents and exploit interdisciplinary expertise to generate targeted impact at scale for providing solutions to pressing societal and sectoral challenges. Challenge-based research creates value as it connects to real world problems and pursues a rigorous translational activity that aims to achieve higher technology readiness levels with a realisable plan for exploiting the generated intellectual property.

This inaugural talk addresses contemporary interdisciplinary R&I and illustrates its benefits achieved through a number of recent challenge-based projects that Professor Sadka led towards creating high-value impact in a number of domains including healthcare, cultural heritage and smart industry. The talk also taps on the skill landscape defining the digital skill gap faced by employers in a wide range of sectors and then outlining the vital role that HE institutions can play in bridging the skill gap in key digital specialisms.

Dates, times and locations
Date: 22/02/2024
Time: 18:30 to 20:00
Susan Cadbury Lecture Theatre, Aston Business School, B4 7ET
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