What is DTUS?

The Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS) is a sponsorship scheme for students who will be joining the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force as Engineering Officers (or Logistics Officers for the British Army). The scheme is additionally open to students who will be pursuing an engineering career in the (MOD) Civil Service after they graduate. Students are sponsored by the MOD to study IEng or CEng accredited engineering degree programmes. Aston University is delighted to be one of only six universities chosen to participate in the scheme and has developed an excellent working relationship with the support unit.

Your Career

The modern military utilises state-of-the-art technologies, and need to employ people to deploy, maintain and manage this technology. Students completing the DTUS programme are the ideal candidates to fulfil these vital roles, and start their career as an officer in the field of engineering. Salaries as a commissioned officer start in the region of £24,000, rising to over £28,000 after 2 years experience and promotion to a higher rank.

Financial Support

DTUS students are awarded a bursary of £4,000 per academic year. Students also receive training pay for attending activities, and if they complete 27-35 days of training they also receive an additional bonus (known as a bounty); students can expect to receive approximately £5,500 - £6,000 per academic year. In return, students are expected to remain physically fit and pass an annual fitness test, advance each academic year and serve a return of service after graduating.

Taurus Squadron

Taurus Squadron is the DTUS Support Unit for Aston and Birmingham Universities (it also administers students studying at Oxford). It is responsible for the administration, mentorship as well as leadership and personal development of students while maintaining their interest in their chosen Service.


DTUS students are expected to be fully integrated into university life and keep up with their degrees studies in addition to the social occasions and training exercises with Taurus Squadron. Taurus Squadron drill on a Thursday evening (1845 – 2100 hours) during the academic terms. Additional activities are run during some weekends throughout the academic year and the holiday periods, of which some are mandatory. During exam periods DTUS activities are suspended to support students. Students will also undertake attachments during the summer holiday periods with the service of their choice. There exist plenty of opportunities for overseas travel within the scheme; since 2005 Taurus Squadron students have visited the USA, Canada, India, Cyprus, Norway, Germany, France and Tanzania.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Adventurous Training activities free of charge; activities include sub-aqua diving, offshore sailing, mountaineering, caving, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, gliding, handgliding, paragliding and parachuting. Additionally, DTUS students have the opportunity to gain instructor qualifications in Adventurous Training disciplines.

Further Information

Further information regarding the scheme can be found on the Defence Academy Website.

How to Apply

To apply, contact your local Armed Forces Careers Office and enquire about specific eligibility details; the Birmingham office is located at 37 Corporation Street (0121 633 6433). Alternatively you can contact the relevant service directly:

Royal Navy 08456 075555
British Army 0845 600 8080
Royal Air Force 0845 605 5555
MOD Civil Service 0800 345 7772

Specific questions on the DTUS can be raised with the Commanding Officer of the DTUS Support Unit (Taurus Squadron) on 0121 703 6367.

You will still need to apply to Aston University via UCAS (0871 4080408), and indicate on your application form that you are seeking a place on the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme.

Additionally, students who are already studying engineering at Aston University who are committed to a career in the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force or MOD Civil Service may enter the scheme directly.

Students who would like to visit Taurus Squadron should phone 0121 703 6391 to arrange an appointment.