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We spoke to Chemical Engineering student Marcia, about her experience being a woman pursuing a career in Engineering and what she thinks the future holds for female engineers. Find out how Aston is supporting her journey…

What made you want to pursue a career in Engineering?

Engineering is a field that requires you to always better yourself and continuously develop. It’s a fast paced environment that is perpetually innovating.

Being part of a field that links in with almost all aspects of life, be that making new cars,  houses, or engineering a molecule to be more efficient at eating plastic is extremely satisfying. The pride that you get once you see something that you helped to build or design in a shop or in full operation is an amazing feeling.


What drew you to the field?

I’ve always enjoyed figuring out how machines and how other contraptions worked. During secondary school I discovered I was very good at maths and sciences, since engineering is applied maths combined with any other science, it was a career path that made sense.

What’s the best project you have worked on and why?

The best project I have worked on to date was a partnership with Engineers Without Borders which involved designing and conceptually viable solutions to real world problems, including water shortages and shelter support.

This project allowed me to collaborate with other engineers from different disciplines Including mechanical and electrical engineers, to create a design of a product that we thought could help people around the world.

What has been your experience overall on the course and how has it prepared you for your future career?

I have really enjoyed my course and all the knowledge that I'm being taught as well as the skills that I am learning. I understand  how to design process units that when fully operational will be key in ensuring the production of medical supplies and energy.  My course has also taught me the tools to succeed in interviews which has enabled me to get an placement as a  Process Manufacturing Engineer.




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What do you think the future will look like for female engineers?

I think more and more women will want to #BreakTheBias and see engineering as a viable future due to the high demand for engineers in general.

Do you have any advice for other female students who are thinking about studying engineering?

Don't be intimidated that you may be the only female engineer at your workplace, engineering is changing, and more women engineers are now entering the field. Nonetheless your passion for the field regardless of gender is far more important.

Make sure that you are passionate and that you are willing to work hard in order to succeed, engineering is a challenging career but if you truly enjoy what you do then it will be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Try and join a STEM club at school or get involved in some engineering projects, if you get the experience early it will facilitate your understanding and help you when it comes to studying it at a higher degree as well as be something that you can talk about and draw from in later years that will show employers your commitment to the field.