As a Mathematics student, we will offer you academic support and help you with employability including industry placements, ongoing career advice, and networking events. If you are considering a degree in Mathematics but are worried about what support is available for you as a student, read on to find out how we will support you to reach your dream career!

1. Programme Director 

Your programme director will support and advise you on your academic journey and sometimes signpost you to other sources within the School, University, or Aston Students’ Union where required. 

2. Drop-in sessions 

You will have the opportunity to book our drop-in sessions online or in-person appointments for help with tutorial problems.

3. Student Mentors

We have a number of student mentors who can offer their perspectives and insight on life and study at university. 

4. Support Staff 

The staff at Aston are available to help you with pretty much anything you need, whether it’s a module leader helping with lecture material, librarians helping you find the right book, or student services helping you with administrative issues you'll always be supported here. 

5. Learning Development Centre 

Our mentors within the Learning Development Centre are available to support academic work, exam techniques, and revision tips.

6. Personal Tutor

Once you start your studies you will be assigned to a personal tutor who will guide you with the academic decisions you make within your studies.

7. Placements Team 

Our specialist mathematics placement coordinator will help you choose (and get) the right placement! 

8. Additional Material 

You will have access to additional online resources to support your lectures and tutorials and recordings of videos supplementing your live, in-person teaching. 

9. Mathletes Society 

If you join our student society you will get a chance to meet other mathematicians who organise events to help you wind down and relax!