Successful BEng Mechanical Engineering graduate Eishar sought out new experiences at Aston University which has supported her to grow and thrive in her career today

Eishar Bassan, a hardworking and committed alumnus completed a BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering at Aston University, to whom she credits her growth and experiences. Though applying to other universities slightly further from home, Eishar decided to come to Aston University to really give her a chance to experience university life but still feel comfortable in a new space. 

Aston University certainly caught her attentionEishar Bassan image

From attending open days and looking around, the University stood out to her mainly due to the teaching style and the balance between “practical and hands-on application”. On arrival to Aston University, Eishar was also sold on the multiculturality and diversity. Her love for maths, applied physics, and product design ignited a passion in engineering: a field she also completed her placement in and now thrives in at her full-time job with Siemens Gamesa. 
Eishar describes herself as someone who works better with and around others than being alone, which is a quality that helped her to find enjoyment in the group projects of her modules, consisting of creating and designing new models. She came to learn that the teaching style and its varying types was a “replica of real-life” and gave her a true insight into the different types of situations she would come to face in a work environment. “Aston prepared me for the real world”. 

Boosting her career with a placement year

Her placement year at Siemens Gas Turbines provided the opportunities to look into her degree and how she can incorporate what she’s learnt into making a real difference to the world. Eishar’s overarching skill that she took from her placement was her chance to “experience a work environment” which then branched out into smaller skills that would come to help her in her final dissertation year. She learnt how to effectively manage her time and organise her calendar, which are skills she still uses today and credits as being something that helped her juggle her university and placement work. 
She also commends her placement for providing networking facilities, where she was able to meet people on different courses or apprenticeships. In doing so, she grew and developed her own network who she could interact with and share her experiences and new ideas with. These networks and links that she created allowed her to grow in the company but also as a person to “learn more about herself”. 
Though she thoroughly enjoyed her placement, she switched industries from oil and gas and now works in renewable and environmentally friendly energy so she can make a difference.

But that’s not all…

Eishar didn’t stop there. On top of her studies and placement, she took it upon herself to get more involved in university life and joined Snow Club, something that she hadn’t done before, but was passionate to try it out and add it to her list of new experiences. Eishar learned from her team how to ski and was therefore introduced to a whole new social group, with whom she could go to events and expand her ever-growing network. After graduating and looking back on this time, she is encouraging her family and peers to join Aston and get involved in societies and extracurriculars to really take advantage of what the university has to offer alongside studies. 

Whilst being a dedicated student during university hours and an upcoming skier in her free time, Eishar also took it upon herself to be an academic guide at the university for young engineering students. She “enjoyed talking to new people” and this job gave her a chance to put all her experiences together and share them with an audience who could learn more from her as an engineer and as a student. 

After growing up in a “sheltered” and “traditional” environment at home, Eishar believes that Aston University allowed her to “be herself” and moving away from home opened up a new world of experiences where she found herself the “motivation and discipline” to thrive. 

Where is she now? 

Eishar is now completing her three-year graduate scheme at Siemens Gamesa, which she started in September 2019, and is also sponsored to complete her MSc in Wind Engineering. Alongside all of this, she is pursuing a chartership in engineering with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. 

Eishar’s advice to students

Her advice to young, aspiring students is to “ not to be afraid and go for it”. She is an adamant believer of not being afraid to “do what you want to do” and “do what makes you happy”. The biggest piece of advice that she herself listens to and now passes on to others is to “put yourself forward” and “stand out from the crowd”. Her final piece of advice is to “get to know yourself more”, and essentially “figure out how you work and use it to your advantage”. She herself took this advice during her final years at Aston and it has given her the confidence and ability to excel in her work today.