What does Data Analytics consist of, should I apply and what is the future? We spoke to Programme Director Paul Griffiths to find out more...

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics simply put is the science of analysing data to inform decision-making processes. It is used in industry to reduce costs, optimise operational processes, and improve experiences for both customers and stakeholders.

Who should apply to study MSc Data Analytics?

There has never been a time when so much data has been available, because of this there is a huge demand for analysts who are able to provide data-based insight to companies to determine decisions that impact business strategies. 

There has also, never been a time with so many global challenges to tackle, from the shortage of resources and the impact we have on the environment to the strive to automate and optimise a variety of systems such as transport, energy, health, and communication. There are almost limitless opportunities to use these tools in the various domains and applications for making a real impact on industry, society, and policymaking.

What sort of skills do I need to succeed in the course?

We expect students that are interested in the course to have a strong (2:1 or above) technical scientific background, having studied, for example; Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or Mathematics. These skills are essential because they are the foundations needed in order to develop your career as a data analyst. We believe it is also vital that you are passionate about learning more about the subject

Is there a strong focus on Mathematics during the course?

Yes, given the technical nature of the subject there has to be a strong mathematical focus to the programme. However, in order to become a competent data analyst one needs to twin mathematical prowess with statistical knowledge and computer programming capabilities. These are the skills we help you to develop whilst studying with us.
What type of careers do our students go onto after graduating?

This programme aims to provide students with the technical tools to solve real-world data analysis problems. As a result, our graduates gain the skills and expertise that allow them to move into roles within finance, information technology, marketing, the business sector and also scientific research, to name but a few.
What is the importance and future of Data Analytics?

The use of data analytics in the industry used to be the reserve of very large multinational corporations only. However, this is no longer the case. Data analytics is now all around us, from the small tech start-up to the local independent coffee shop. Everybody needs to understand how the data they create can better help to inform the business they run. Data analytics is the future of everything we do!