Mark V AlumniWhat drew you to study at Aston University?

Mark: The MSc in Professional Engineering allowed me to tailor the degree according to my interests which were in technical issues facing my organisations. The course focused on real-world problems which allowed me to fully understand the issues, whilst reflecting on scientific and engineering facts. This enabled me to have considerable authority on the subject and provide leadership within my organisation.
How has Aston supported your career?

Mark: I was lucky enough to be promoted towards the end of my studies. The course helped build my confidence and speak when it came to dealing with real authority on the demands of the post I was applying for and I think was instrumental in my success. 

Joao: I thank Aston for moving me to the next step of my career. I was accepted as a member of IMECHE,  and registered with UK engineering Council. This provided me with many other opportunities. I was also promoted to Lead Area Scheduler and the chair of Committee for the prevention of accidents at my previous workplace with BP. 
What are you currently doing in your career?

Mark: I am the Asset Manager at Jersey Electricity, the company is a vertically integrated electrical utility that serves the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Joao:  I am currently working at SBM Offshore as a Planning Lead. I have also received many offers from my former professors to teach university students at  The University of Angola. 

Joao AlumniWhat advice would you give to students who are looking at studying at Aston?

Mark: You need to have a real focus and dedicate the required time to the course.  You will need to think about how to manage family and personal commitments to provide the time necessary to succeed. I did find that the more assignments I completed, the more motivated I was. 

How did you find the academic support at Aston?

Mark: I found the support very good - the library services are excellent! My supervisor was very supportive and happy to review the work before formal submission. The critique was always constructive and was aimed at achieving the best possible result.

Joao: I found academics very useful and helpful- I would have been studying blinded if I had no support from Aston. 
What has your highlight in your career been so far?

Mark: This is a difficult question as I have been involved in several submarine cable projects, leading several critical workstreams and commissioning, with significant elements being carried out in France. If I have to choose it will be the project management of the construction of a grid substation in a disused quarry. This had extremely complex civil works, which was not without its problems. 

Mark V Alumni 2What does the future hold for you?

Mark: Achieving the MSc and subsequently Chartered Engineer status has placed me in a good position for the future and to a certain extent has provided me with opportunities already.

Joao: I see myself as someone who can provide lessons and coach young generations of engineers, who inspire them to be successful in their field of work and have good job opportunities.