Alexandru- Gabriel, a thriving BSc Business and Mathematics student, has just completed his first year and is now completing a sixth month internship with Amazon. 

Why Business and Mathematics at Aston University?

Alex has always had a passion for maths and enjoyed considering the business aspects too, such as managing others and companies, so when Aston University provided him with the opportunity to study both hand-in-hand, Alex jumped at the chance. He came across the course through UCAS and realised it was the best way to focus on both subjects by developing his knowledge on each subject individually and interlinking and adapting the skills he learns from each. Alex looked into Aston University for further education, and he knew that with a course so fit for him at such a highly regarded university, and so close to home, he couldn’t miss out.

Climbing the ladder from sixth form, to university and beyond

Alex felt that the transition from A-Level to university was quite a jump, but he wasn’t hesitant to get stuck in and work hard to progress. Though Alex already studied full-time, he pushed to succeed in a career as well as his education and worked in the logistics field of a food production company throughout his first year. After excelling far into this job, Alex felt he wanted to move on and up in his career and decided to apply for the intern position at Amazon. 

What does Alex’s role look like? 

In this current position, Alex is an Operations Manager where he essentially he looks over the entire operational programme. He does this whilst also shadowing other Operation Managers and taking ownership of actions that can affect the operations of an area or the site. He manages team leaders, area managers, and a large team controlling the day-to-day tasks. Despite working a full shift, Alex still works hard outside of the office, and is on call 24/7 if he is needed and has dedicated a significant amount of his time to the realities of his job. Whilst working alongside the finance team, which is just another step in his busy schedule, Alex has also learnt new systems and software which he hasn’t been faced with before. 

What skills have you gained that you can bring back to your studies? 

Though Alex controls, manages, and leads others daily, he is constantly learning from them and the different projects he is involved in and has listed many things that he would like to take back to university, his first one would be project management. With projects, assignments and presentations being such a large portion of university, it is important to understand the requirements of each one, which can be hard if never having done so before. Alex has taken this and improved immensely through his internship and is now aware of how to approach these projects when dealing with so many with strict deadlines. 

During his first year, Alex came across many different experiences when working in group projects, or completing presentations and all the skills he has learnt from his internship are things that will push him that step further and be able to excel in any field that he decides to pursue in the future. 

Alex’s advice to STEM students

Alex has worked and continues to work hard every day to ensure his work and studies are effective. From his experience, he found that the mathematics route is not easy to “just jump into” but if given the right commitment and perseverance, it is very rewarding in terms of career opportunities and learning opportunities. With a consistent routine and balance between work, studying and a social life, Alex proves that the rewards are just a step away and definitely worth it.