We spoke to BSc Computer Science student Ebadur about his experience working with student-led software enterprise Beautiful Canoe and what advice he would give to future students...

What drew you to study at Aston University?

I studied BSc Computer Science during my time at Aston, I’ve always been fascinated by computers, how they worked and I wanted to explore logistics further and build a career in the field. I was drawn to Aston University because of its great reputation within the UK and I was recommended the institute by lots of people! I also wanted to experience studying in the second biggest city in England.

How did you find out about Beautiful Canoe?

I was recommended to apply for a position in Java Programming Language, by one of my lecturers. It was a great opportunity to gain experience and industry contacts. The community at Beautiful Canoe allowed me to collaborate with developers, consultants, and designers to reach organisation goals!

What type of projects have you been involved in and with what clients?Ebadur Computer Science EPS

I worked on a Forensic Voice Comparison System (FVCS) project, the main client was Geoffrey Stewart Morrison a member of the Forensics Department at Aston University. Within this project, I have been developing a website with a server accompanied by a Mobile Application for Android and iOS. As a team, we have been building a system that will be a component of a bigger structure aiding the Forensics department. If our project is successful I believe this system could also be used by The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) for various police operations. This project is very challenging and exciting as it could make a difference in many people's lives.

How has Beautiful Canoe supported your academic journey at Aston?

Beautiful Canoe has changed my perspective on Computer Science, it has enabled me to get a much deeper understanding of the various modules from my course while enhancing the practical experience I gained from my placement year.

How has Beautiful Canoe prepared you for working in the industry?

Beautiful Canoe has given me the ability to work in a team and develop software in an open-source which will be extremely useful when working in the industry. The technology we use at Beautiful Canoe is that used within the industry, which employers look for when hiring. My experience at Beautiful Canoe will give me a higher chance of working at a major software company in the future.

What advice would you give to students who are looking at studying at Aston?

University is all about balance, just like a lot of things in life. It is important that you do well in your studies however don’t let that be the only focus. Join societies, go to events, play sports, socialise, and try to talk to seniors and get their views on various things. University allows us to make very strong connections with fellow students, teachers, and future employers too. It is imperative that you enjoy your time, do not let the teachings go to waste, and make the best out of this unique experience.


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