Montserrat takes us on a journey at GE Aviation Wales where she completed her placement year...

As a BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management student, my decision to undertake a placement year at GE Aviation Wales in Cardiff turned out to be the best choice I made during my university years. This unique and wonderful experience has allowed me to witness personal and professional growth, putting theoretical knowledge into practice and gaining insights into the industry I am passionate about.

Experiencing Growth

During my placement, I honed essential skills that have been crucial to my development. Working in a team environment helped me understand the dynamics of collaboration and the importance of clear communication. I was constantly challenged to solve problems creatively, fostering critical thinking abilities that will serve me well in my future endeavors.

Highlighting Unforgettable Moments

The highlight of my placement undoubtedly has been the opportunity to lead business improvement projects and contribute to a vital industry alongside one of the leading companies in the sector. Witnessing the GE90, one of the most powerful commercial jet engines in the world was awe-inspiring. Additionally, regular monthly training sessions on industry insights and leadership behaviors added immense value to my experience.

Support from Careers and Placements Team

The Careers and Placements team played a pivotal role in securing my placement. Their guidance in refining my CV and providing interview practice was invaluable. Regular meetings helped me stay on track with various applications and boosted my confidence throughout the process.

Shaping My Future

My placement year has significantly altered my future plans. Previously, I envisioned pursuing a typical full-time job after graduation. However, being exposed to the various graduate opportunities offered by my placement company, including a two-year graduate program, has changed my outlook. Moreover, working on the manufacturing shop floor has unveiled my passion for operations, steering my career path in a new and exciting direction.

Advice for Aspiring Placement Students

For students considering a placement year, my advice is simple - don't hesitate, just go for it! Embracing this experience will deeply connect you with your career path, grant you a deeper understanding of industry operations, and enhance your academic journey. Engage actively with the company, learn from your colleagues and superiors, and cherish every moment of growth and responsibility.

Maximizing Your Placement Experience

To make the most out of your placement, I encourage you to enjoy every second of the journey. Time flies when you are immersed in what you are passionate about. Attend company events, interact with managers and senior leaders, and learn from experienced staff. This year of growth and opportunity will shape you into a better, more responsible version of yourself, preparing you for the real world.

In three words, my placement experience can be described as growth, leadership, and responsibility. This journey has been transformative, revealing my true potential and passion. I will forever cherish my time at GE Aviation Wales, and I hope that my story inspires other students to embrace the tremendous value a placement year can bring to their lives. The invaluable lessons learned during this year will undoubtedly shape my future and propel me towards a successful career in logistics and supply chain management.