Joynel Pinto

Hear about Joynel's student experience as an international student 

We caught up with Joynel to hear about his experience as an international student studying a postgraduate degree at Aston. He talks about how he found the transition, the postgraduate community and what advice he would give to other students considering Aston... 


What attracted you to study Engineering Management?JOYNEL PINTO

I loved how the course is structured, you are able to gain knowledge on both the technical and management aspects within the course. As a mechanical engineer with almost 3+ years of experience in the corporate sector, I was always fascinated by how engineers can enhance the firm’s progression by adding their technical skill sets in a world with dynamic changes taking place every day. To add to this, engineers with practical mindsets and thinking outside the box to resolve queries played an integral part in my decision to pursue my master’s in Engineering Management as it would be a great foundation for me to use scientific knowledge in real-time management exposure. 

Why did you choose to study at Aston, and what really stood out for you?

Following up on my decision of studying engineering management the reason why I opted to go ahead with Aston had to come down to the institutional reputation, teaching structure, facilities, and the resources provided to students. In addition to this, other factors like being situated close to the heart of the Birmingham city center did influence my decision. If you asked me personally whether my decision taken of joining Aston was the best, I would without a doubt say a big yes as this university made me feel at home since day one and has always nurtured not just me but all the students to reach their desired goals and aspirations. So I can always say proudly that it feels great to be an Aston alumnus. 

How did you find studying in the UK as a international student?

Well for me, honestly it was a bit of a challenge given the fact that the culture and the tradition are a bit different in contrast to my time in the middle-east and India. Apart from the culture, I would say that the weather here also plays a key role in a student settling in.  The conversation about the weather here was always one of the hot topics with my peers during our academic journey!
I would say the education system here is inclined towards being practical rather than gaining knowledge theoretically. I feel in this way I learnt to see things from a wider perspective which really helped my academic journey. The in-class quizzes and team activities benefited me in incorporating certain values from my colleagues who shared their expertise in the topics. So all in all I would say studying as an international student here really helped me grow as an individual both professionally and personally.

What do you think of the facilities at Aston?

The learning and development centre (LDC) team located in the first floor of the library is something I personally made use of during my assignments and thesis as there were experts available  to guide you on how to improve your work further.  The academics have always been helpful to answer any queries in regard to the modules and the hub located in the main building will assist in every way possible to help you settle in from the get-go. The well-being and counselling team were always on hand to provide the best advice when it comes to any challenges faced either personally or difficulties faced with the course. 


How do you find the postgraduate community at Aston?

The postgraduate community here at Aston is diverse with different cultural events and societies any one is welcome to join. Having different societies within the university was a great way of learning about different traditions. I was involved in the Langar Seva hosted by the Aston Sikh community in the student’s union and the Diwali mela which both helped me  network and build connections. 

What are your plans for the future?

Now that I have completed my master’s in engineering management and been awarded an first class honours my next step is to enter back into the corporate world to give back what I learned from my time at Aston. 


What advice would you give to students who are interested in studying Engineering Management at Aston?

My only advice to prospective students is to enjoy and make the best of student life as a master’s student. One mistake that I did was to focus a lot on the educational side of things which made me loose on other important aspects of life. Be part of social events, go out with friends, meet new people, play sports, join different societies, etc. but at the same time do not forget the main purpose of coming here which is to build your future. Since the master’s program is only for one year make sure you give your best without compromising on other things in your life.