Learn about Imran's student journey studying MSc Mechanical Engineering and what he is currently doing...

Why did you choose to study Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is at the forefront of developing modern technologies, design, processes, and application of knowledge to solve everyday engineering challenges and problems. It provides you with the skillset to make a difference in day-to-day life and this is what has attracted me to the industry.  

When I was looking around for universities, Aston stood out as a leading university providing Mechanical Engineering research with excellent facilities. It was an institution that not only focused on theoretical learning but the courses and modules are very well structured with practical knowledge and applying these to realistic scenarios.  

How did you find the facilities at Aston?  

The University campus itself has lots of facilities, amongst them practical labs/workshops, design studios, and engineering labs. All these facilities are readily available to students to hone their practical skills. Personally, I find the lecture recordings the most helpful to catch up or recap on seminars and I was often taking out time to go to the library. 

How have you found the support you received at Aston? 

Aston University is a diverse place with welcoming staff, ensuring your time here is as enjoyable as possible whilst providing world-class education.  I also took advantage of the support offered by the careers and placements team and attended a couple of career sessions which were very helpful. 

What are you currently doing in your career? 

I’m currently working as a Lead Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover and the job has exposed me to the challenges of future technologies. I have quickly learned about global environmental sustainability and how vehicles are designed and manufactured.

I strongly feel that continued academic achievements at Aston have helped me and my career to become a part of future engineering. 

 How do you think your degree at Aston will support you in the future? 

I am in the process of learning new skills that will help me to undertake complex quality and manufacturing issues, and I hope that all the skills I have gained at Aston will help me create an impact in the future. This MSc course truly matches my aspiration to become a chartered engineer.  

What advice would you give to students thinking about studying Mechanical Engineering? 

This MSc will provide you with a good combination of academic study and best engineering practice to start and progress your career in the field of mechanical engineering. The MSc programme will also equip you with knowledge across a wide range of engineering topics and subject matters. I found the course modules very enjoyable whilst keeping up with the latest developments in engineering.