We caught up with Engineering and Applied Science Foundation Programme student Filip Zawalski to talk about his experience studying at Aston University what support he received and advice he would give to students considering the course. 

Why did you choose to study at Aston University?

I chose to study at Aston because of its high teaching standards and central location in Birmingham – the university is located in the city centre making it possible to get round and enjoy the attractions without worrying about transport, this also puts the main train stations within walking distance!

Why did you choose the Foundation programme?

I chose the foundation programme because it provided me with the prerequisites for studying my course of choice, as well as prepared me for university life - making it less stressful going into the first year of my degree! I also wanted to study a course that would help me fill in the gaps from college to university whilst enhancing my knowledge. The course also allows you to explore a variety of areas before choosing what you would like to specialise in. 

How has the foundation programme supported you?

The foundation programme introduced me to the practical and theoretical concepts that I will require in the first year of my degree, it enabled me to get accustomed to university life and learn about what is expected of me in the first year! 

What support did you receive from the university?

The academics are brilliant! They make support readily accessible from day one, this ranges from answering individual questions to providing recordings of lectures for studying. The library services also offer maths support which can be very helpful.

What advice would you give others considering the foundation programme?

My advice would be to ensure you really focus during the foundation year as knowing the basics is incredibly important in later study, take advantage of the support offered and ensure you meet the deadlines – this will make your first year a lot easier!

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