Every day of the week is completely different from one week to another for biomedical engineering students. As a final year, Gurmandeep has many more independent study hours in comparison to first and second year students. This gives her the flexibility to work at her own pace and achieve the goals that are required.

7 am

My morning normally starts early, so that I am ready to leave the house on time to get to university for my 9am start. I prefer to catch the train as the journey is traffic-free and much faster. It’s a 10 mins walk to catch the train and another 15 mins from the train station to university. As well as getting your morning exercise, it also helps me get into the right mindset ready for the day ahead.

9 am

My first tutorial is Kinematics and Prosthetics, in this tutorial we apply our knowledge from lectures into practicals and have the opportunity to gain project support too. These tutorials are intended to help us answer exam style questions and provide us with any assistance we require for our group project.

11 am

In my second tutorial, we explore medical imaging, we are challenged with questions related to imaging systems used in medicine such as  ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray, etc. On a regular basis, we have guest lectures, this is very helpful to learn how what I have learned is applied in the real world as well as gaining an insight from the guests within industry.

1 pm

I usually grab some lunch from Greggs which is conveniently on campus!

1:30 pm

It’s time to work on my final year project, I like to work independently but you will always have a chance to talk through any issues I have and get support from lecturers and technicians where needed.

5 pm

This is my chance to work alongside my supervisor to share my progress on my final year project. The supervisors are great, they question my methods and approve my choices if valid reasons are given.  It’s a great opportunity to ask for advice find new approaches and solutions.

7 pm

I get home around this time and have dinner with my family. If I have a deadline for an assignment, I usually spend a couple of hours focusing on this before I head to bed. The final year of your degree is one of the most challenging years as a lot of the work has to be done independently but at the same time thrilling and fun.

As an engineer, you will never be bored.