We spoke to MSc Artificial Intelligence student Chinazor about her submission to the ‘Next Big Idea’ competition. 

What was the competition about?Chinazor Image

The competition was organised by the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers, focused on driving innovation in three sectors:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering and Technology: This includes research or ideas exploring the impacts of diversity and inclusion on hiring practices, admissions, etc. The topic areas included strategies to improve diversity and inclusion in engineering and technology fields and Innovations in hiring practices to promote inclusion.
  2. Innovations in Engineering and Technology
  3. Impacts of COVID-19 on minoritized groups in Education and Employability. 

What was your submission?

My submission was to use technology to provide 'Training as a Service' (TaaS) for various digital solutions and services to stay relevant and generate income whilst nurturing their homes. Some of these trainings were in Digital Marketing, Graphic Designs, E-Commerce platforms for selling their products or drop shipping, Whiteboard Animation, 3D Explainer Videos, Basic Bookkeeping etc. most were things they did using mobile technology, and some were tailored to individual needs as they reached out. 

Why did you choose to submit that particular project?

This submission was born out of a passion from personal experiences, I joined various communities to learn, and committed to some voluntary responsibilities, which led to the quest for further study and submit this particular project. 

How would you summarise your experience as a student at Aston?

Throughout my studies, the academics on the course encouraged me to put myself out there, challenge myself and hone my skills. I am proof of being well supported at Aston and given many opportunities to succeed and become more, regardless of my level or background.