What is the Computer Science Industry Club?

The Computer Science Industry Club is an exclusive network that connects Aston’s Computer Science and Cybersecurity students with top-tier technology companies and other prominent employers seeking to hire our talented students. Each year, the Computer Science Industry Club runs a series of events that provide students with invaluable opportunities to meet industry professionals, showcase their work, and develop the skills and knowledge that employers look for. This could include guest lectures, individual and team project showcases, professional mentoring, and visits to company offices. Furthermore, students registered as official members of the Computer Science Industry Club will receive direct emails about placement and graduate roles from our member companies

Why get involved?

The Computer Science Industry Club enhances your time at Aston University by developing your skills, increasing your employability and helping you to build industry connections. It is FREE for all Computer Science and Cybersecurity students at Aston University. To access the full benefits, we encourage you to register as an official member by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
Being a member of the Industry Club enables you to:

•    Access placement and graduate job opportunities 
•    Network with industry professionals
•    Showcase your work to potential employers
•    Develop skills and knowledge that employers value
•    Gain unique insights into the tech industry
•    Boost your confidence in engaging with employers
•    Enhance your academic ability

What companies take part, and what can they provide for me as a student?

Our network of partner companies ranges from large consultancies to leading SMEs that specialise in tech. All partner companies have a shared desire to support students to reach their full potential. They actively engage with students, contributing to both their studies and employability by delivering guest lectures, providing valuable feedback on their work, acting as mentors, and more. Our partners actively look out for students who would be ideal candidates for their placement and graduate employment roles, and recruit for these roles through the Computer Science Industry Club. 

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